Decorating can be a real pain in the bum. It can take up a lot of time, effort, and money. However, with a few simple decorating tips, you could have the house of your dreams in no time. It’ll also be much easier than you would have ever thought possible! Let’s take a look at some simple decorating tips to help you:

Paint a Room Dark to Make it Look Bigger

You may have thought that only light colours could make a room look bigger. While light colours can make a room look much bigger, dark has been proven to be effective in doing that too. However, you’ll need to use dark on every aspect of the room, from the walls to the ceiling. Even the furniture should be dark! It can look great though, so try it and see if you can make your room look as big as Crystal Peaks home foreclosures.


Forget Bath Mats: Use a Carpet

Are you sick and tired of washing bath mats each time somebody has a shower or bath? Let’s face it, they aren’t very durable and get pretty soggy after one wet foot has stepped on them. This is why you should use a rug to catch that moisture instead. It’s much more durable and effective!

If in Doubt, Stick With White

White always looks great in a room, and you can decorate it any way you choose. You can add flashes of colour using accessories, and change it up as often as you like to create a whole new look. If in any doubt, just stick with white.

Warm Up a Room With Gold Accents

Gold accents look extremely luxurious, and they are bang on trend this year. By adding just a few gold accents, you can liven up the whole room. The place will feel much warmer, with an air of luxury.

Add Life and Interest With Plants

You can add life and interest to your home with plants. Place a potted plant in the corner of a room, and it’ll instantly stop it from looking lonely.

Go for Leather

Leather is an extremely durable material. This means it’s perfect for dining room chairs, settees, and any other kind of furniture you can think of. Providing you protect it when it’s not in use, and treat it with a good leather conditioner every now and again, it should stand the test of time.

Mix and Match Seating

You may be surprised to find out that seating that is mixed and matched looks much better than matching seating. Use this advice at the dining table especially. You wouldn’t have 8-10 identical chairs in your living room, so mix it up at the dining table. You don’t even have to buy a set of living room chairs if you don’t want to. It adds a really fun vibe and saves you time searching for the perfect set!

There are many other ways you can make your life easier with decorating, but these are my favourite tips. I hope you enjoy them!