Skylight, besides the charm it can bring, brings safety and is an environmentally friendly solution that enables significant energy savings.

The principle of skylights

Answer questions of feasibility, thermal insulation and permeability will be prerequisites for any work. The best is yet to hire a professional to perform the installation of wells, but if you have skilled hands and the soul of a carpenter to accomplish this work will not be difficult. Installing a skylight does not require special permission and work is done on a relatively short time. However, soil gas depending on the technicality of the wells you want to put in place, the work can be complex. In any case, the creation of a skylight follows the same principle.

At first, you will have to make a reservation at the ceiling. When the aperture is created, it is the blend in the ceiling. Give some height to the reservation is important firstly to facilitate caulking and secondly in preparation for insertion of the fallout. Do not forget to wall the outline of the book, just to make it more convenient insertion of the said settled. At this point, you have made the bulk of the work. If your skylight is intended to illuminate a height, it will do more than put a roof window appropriately and voila. If cons, the room light is low, a kitchen, a laundry room, corridor, etc. you should use tubes, possibly domes and light sensors face a little problem with optical to direct sunlight using mirrors, wherever you like. And this is certainly due to the principle that you understand really why did this process is called skylights.


Finally, remember to choose the proper windows. A good glass, which can vary from one to three, must diffuse light as it is expected, the essence of a skylight. Lean rather static and self-cleaning windows maintenance will be easy, which saves you a lot of trouble. Now that you have the information needed to start working out the details of your project, and in the very near future, I hope you can take full advantage of your skylight. If you want to know brief information about latest technology of soil gas, you can visit