We have not always lucky enough to have large spaces for our house, and when the square meters are scarce, usually environments that suffer the most are the kitchen and services. The kitchen is considered by many of us, the heart of the home , a place where, in addition to meals , are carried out other daily activities : some of us have the washing machine in the kitchen, so it is also the space where doing laundry, and our children are also tasks in the kitchen , take the coffee, tea and watch TV always in the corner of our house. But when the spaces are reduced to a minimum, we must exclude all of these activities that we can define accessory for this space. In this guide, we will suggest some ideas on how to manage the space of a small kitchen to furnish the best.

When the space is scarce we must exclude all other types of activities to be carried out in the kitchen and optimize the space earmarked as its primary function: the cooking of our food and all our choices will address the creation of a functional space as possible in the preparation of our meals . Fortunately, new technologies to help us run and so you will find in the trade appliances fundamental scale: the refrigerator, including the freezer drawer , microwave and stove that you can choose the version with two burners. If space let you do it, you might opt for a small island, which will extend the workspace and that will make easier your tasks, in which case you will do less of the table and you can dine in the dining room.


And ‘advisable to avoid a stifling effect that may be caused by the choice of furniture too rich designs and colors, so we suggest you choose something simple and essential: minimalist lines and clean that they can have a relaxing visual effect. Treat the disposal of appliances, prefer those integrated and do not overdo the decorative furnishings: the risk is to create visual clutter. In confined spaces it is much easier to notice when something is wrong. It would be good to avoid the classic furniture with doors that, when opened, could interfere with your operations making it more uncomfortable. A good alternative is represented by the shelves without doors, furniture cabinets and shelving that will make better use of vertical space.

For the floor we can choose between different solutions, what matters is that they are robust: okay linoleum, cork parquet or marble, that would certainly be the most expensive choice, what matters for the purposes of optics is that these materials have a uniform texture, so as to give the illusion of a larger area The light is fundamental to the perception of space: the ideal is lighting that tends to cast a few shadows, then, in addition to the light on the ceiling, you may be a good idea to install some small spots on the shelves or on the wall, to enhance the various parts that make up the environment may be useful to use only one color decided for the definition of tiles: this will make so that the environment gives a general impression of dynamism One last idea that could be helpful to the size of your small kitchen may be the removal of the door, to give a little ‘breathing room and to integrate better with the rest of’ apartment.