It can be a challenge to get your kids’ bedrooms well organized and looking great. As kids grow up, they seem to accumulate more and more stuff, and their rooms can often seem to overflow with the toys, books, and clothes they accumulate all too quickly. But with a bit of clever organization and some snazzy storage ideas, you can turn a chaotic space into a peaceful and comfortable bedroom.

Look for unused space

Even in small rooms, you’d be surprised how much extra space you can find. Some high-up shelves are a good idea for things like books and computer games, and won’t take up space for actually playing traditional and digital games. Under the bed is also a great place to store boxes, which can be filled with shoes, clothes, sports gear or games.

You can get hold of some fabric organizer to hang from the back of the door or even from the ceiling – they are perfect for storing away toys, teddies, and clothes in a place where your child can reach them. Little plastic storage bins can be fixed to the walls for holding pens, stationery, hair clips and all the other bits and pieces that usually end up on the floor.

Get furniture that multi-tasks

When you’re looking for a new bed for your child’s room, consider buying a raised bunk bed or a platform bed that will give you a big space underneath. This can be used for storing and stacking boxes full of stuff, or you could even use the extra space for a desk or a little sofa.

Seats and benches with lids are also a great way of doubling up to make more space. To create more playing space, paint wardrobe, or cupboard doors with magnetic, white, or chalkboard paint. Even teddies can be storage space for pajamas and robes!

Get a system

No matter how great your organization, kids will be kids, and their rooms soon get messy. A good tip is to create zones in the room for different kinds of toys and activities and encourage kids to keep to the zones.

You could turn to tidy up into a fun game by color coding, storage bins and boxes in their rooms – for example, blue for toys and red for games. But why not let your kids help to come up with a system? They may come up with some creative solutions you hadn’t thought of!