The shoes are the accessories that take up much space in our house: then we have to find a system suitable to our environment, it is a good compromise between functionality and aesthetics. Here are some ideas and solutions to keep your shoes in order perhaps obtaining a decorative object, combining style and practicality .

To ensure the durability and beauty of our footwear in the time we have to be careful how we keep and arrange them properly in order to keep them in the fold. The choice of the best solution is to order them to be taken related to the amount of space we have available and the number of pairs to be preserved. It is advisable to keep at hand the shoes we use most often, while the other, to be used in the other seasons, are brushed and cleaned with care and therefore should be wrapped in plastic bags or collected in boxes. Remember to put the newsprint inside, especially on the soft ones, to keep them in shape, leaving them in a closed container will keep well away from dust and dirt until the next use.


If we want to leave our shoes at hand we use the cabinets where open place them neatly. We can choose the shelves simple industrial style shelves or even slightly tilted in order to assist the grip or with a holder that prevents it from falling. Particularly elegant are modular shelves with square openings in which to introduce a couple or more for each compartment, depending on their size. Even the low shelves style dressing room are comfortable, especially to be placed near the entrance. If we have the shoes particularly valuable we can put them on display in a real showcase with glass doors, especially if we collect vintage models of value. Shoes with heels, especially those most precious, they will make a major figure in the cabin closet : simply place them on a special rack structure, with tubes similar to those for hanging towels.

If you prefer to keep your footwear in a closed cabinet, without putting them on display, we use one equipped with several shelves on which to place them with order : in this way we can easily find what you’re looking from large drawers with dividers are another practical solution and aesthetics at the same time, as an alternative we can use baskets or boxes in which support them, to be inserted in the openings of the shelf properly shaped are perfect shelves that fit into the wall, made ​​directly in the structure of the wall, which allow you to maximize space can also purchase commercial of specific lockers for these accessories that allow you to save space and keep them in order.

If you do not use the shoes in the house and we want to take them off at the entrance we provide to enter a low shelf or a decorative tray on which confront them in order to leave this corner of the house. Do not forget to keep clean our footwear and ventilate often outside so as to maintain perfumed the environment in which they are placed, hang deodorants for drawers so as to absorb odors and humidity.