We love the house and its neighborhood, but we note that outside his home leaves a little to be desired. Sometimes it is not necessary to change everything to raise his house. Here are some ideas that may inspire renewal!

A new color for the home

To change the look of a home without the costs are excessive, you can paint the aluminum siding, vinyl shutters and even the doors and windows. Product Aquaculture, which is water-based and is extremely adherent colic exchange outside the home. This product dries quickly apply the spray gun and long-term (15-20 years). It is applied on a surface still good and not dented or damaged. coating companies specialize in the restoration and revitalization of the siding of the house. They offer an unlimited choice of color and a designer service for color selection. It costs about 50% less expensive than changing the coating to the new. Step 1: cleaning done with a biodegradable cleaner and a jet of water at high pressure. Step 2: hiding windows Step 3: application and drying almost instantaneous information: As there is a wide range of exterior paints if you think doing the work yourself, learn to paint specialist centers to be guided to the ideal product for covering your home.


A welcoming driveway

Another way to rejuvenate the front of the house is a new landscaping plan: expand or widen driveway, add a wall to make a rockery, paving the path that goes to the door pad cover everything which is made of concrete or cement. To avoid excessive costs, and mix asphalt pavement. You will look up to date about 40% cheaper than any paved driveway.

Changing the lights

The exterior lights are not to be neglected; much they enhance the look of the house when they are in perfect harmony with the style of it. And if we still loved our lights but that there changed color? A very inexpensive idea is to paint with spray paint for metal, outdoor lighting. Easy to do masking that should not be painted, the change is less than 30 minutes. The trend for outdoor lighting is black. So everything that is white can easily be transformed in some with metal paint spray.

Decorative elements

Adding decorative elements cools a house facade, as, for example, adding shutters or decorative trim on the windows. Nice metal flower boxes under the windows, a beautiful mailbox, two large urns on each side of the front door and address plaque out of the ordinary, are all elements that ensure a pace warm and welcoming.

Here is an easy DIY to create his address plaque

You can find in home centers, address plates of aluminum or wood that has an edge. With a remainder of tile broken into small pieces, you can create a mosaic effect inside the plate. You do not have to break the ceramic pieces with a hammer (it protects its eyes), then spread a layer of adhesive tiles. You then place the pieces (you can even integrate small pieces of mirror to catch the light). Once they are dry, you fill with grout. When the plate is dried and cleaned, you install above figures vinyl stickers. remember to respect the style of your home and focus on color consistency. The front of your house is a little reflection of the interior and it is important that there is a guideline that continues even going outside!