Taking account of its exposure and its surface, a balcony can accommodate pots of herbs, vegetables or fruit and more flowers.

Amenity space, balcony, whatever its size, can be used to grow plants to be eaten. Mixed with flowers that, in some cases may be edible, all plants are decorative. As a precaution eat only plants that you know safety. Advice to complete your project are first and foremost a reminder of the useful practices have nice plants.

Some general tips for successful crops in pots

# Respect the needs of the plant is a prerequisite for successful crops, whether food or purely decorative. Exposure of the balcony has to be important for plant growth, since the light is essential for photosynthesis.
# Think about draining the pots and put a nourishing blend suitable both councils are valid for all plants.
# The size of the container must adapt to the size of the mature plant. Generally it is considered that the root system occupies the same volume as the leaves. Too small a pot and the plant wilts, conversely, too big a pot and is “lost”, besides the hotpot takes up space and the surface evaporation of water is unnecessarily large.
# Fill containers chosen with a suitable mixture of garden soil, compost, sand. Depending on the plant to grow.
# To prevent rapid evaporation of water, think about mulching and hoeing or (an old solid range can be used to hoe small areas pots)
# To transform the futures and condiments house “food supplements”, sprinkle with magnesium chloride. Magnesium is good for morale. Caution, however, the plants he tends to favor the flowers rather than leaves.


The most obvious to grow on a balcony: herbs

Parsley, basil, chives all herbs can be grown in pots. For faster results, you can buy your plants in nurseries or in fruit and vegetable sections of supermarkets. At home, change the pots and take the opportunity to split the clods. Shrubs such as laurel, rosemary, etc. Can provide interesting foliage to decorate your space. Pruned to contain their size, have elements should not be overlooked if you have a large planter to complete. The method to grow its spice plants is the same in the ground or in pots. A simple gardener is made according to the same rule that a decorative planter.

Other plants to grow on a balcony: Fruits and Vegetables

Of course you do not reap on your balcony to feed a large family, but for early vegetables in small quantities, to show children how to grow vegetables, this experience can be interesting. The cherry tomato is a plant adapted to growing in pots. Staked or drooping, choose the method of cultivation according to the decorative effect you want. Radishes and salads (like rocket) can decorate your mini-garden.

If the balcony is big enough, the potatoes grown in containers will give early vegetables quite easily. Choose a pot for the volume of earth is sufficient so that the tubers grow. To put two or three per pot, “etagez” planting that is to say, do not place them all at the same level. The red berries are adaptable to pot culture. If the strawberry comes quickly to mind, raspberry fruit also offers large and small feast. There are small fruit trees specially created to decorate the terraces. Some even give two different fruits on the same trunk.