Whether you rent or own, nothing is more uncomfortable than being bothered all day by outside noise. Whether it’s air (from the road noise) or sounds transmitted so strong (music from a neighbor, kids running in the first, the strident voice of the neighbor), unwanted noise can cause many conflicts.Today, I offer relatively quick and easy ways to mitigate the noise that you are abusing. Of course there are different techniques for soundproofing a room, and your decision will depend on your budget and your needs.

Soundproofing walls by

Demolish and rebuild

The first technique, also used the most, is to remove the drywall or plaster wall. To get there, you will need materials to:

# Wool soundproofing
# Acoustical Sealant
# Acoustical Sonopan 4 ‘X 8’
# Colle “No more nails”
# Resilient
# Needles (headless pinner) or finishing nail

When your wall is open and you see the timber, add wool soundproofing between them. On the field of wood studs and smooth, apply an acoustical sealant. Then add the Sonopan acoustic panels in the vertical direction. This will minimize your joints. Also make sure that your joints come in the center of the studs. Once the panels are installed, apply acoustical sealant around the inside edge of your wall. This will eliminate air leaks. To fix the panel, I advise you to use metal washers (or plastic) that is used to install insulation Foam. By taking these washers, combined with wood screws 1 ¾”, your panels will hold up very well.


Then put Resilient, type of metal support limiting direct contact between the acoustic panel and gypsum (to replace an” X 3” wood). Install a first layer of gypsum. Pull your joints (one layer only). Add another layer of gypsum and make your finishing joints. Replace the acoustical sealant in the bottom of the wall where the baseboard will. The latter will be nailed in the drywall and not in the wood. Ask your baseboards in applying glue behind.

Insulating the ceilings

To insulate your ceiling, you will proceed in exactly the same way, eliminating the step of course installation of base molding.

Build another wall

If you do not want to demolish the wall already in place, you can also build a wall and take extra care to include previously between the two walls, wool soundproofing.

Soundproofing a door

If you already have soundproof your room and your door is standard (empty door) should think about changing to a solid door. By adding weather stripping around your door and a box falling threshold at the bottom of your door, you will maximize the sound of your room.

Soundproofing a ceiling of the subsoil

Often the need for a home theater or installation of a room, you need to soundproof the ceiling of your room basement. In this case, I recommend you close your ceiling, as you would in a kitchen, for example. The ceiling of the basement is used for access to plumbing and electricity. This is why we often install a suspended ceiling which is allowed 4 inches of clearance.

If you do not have a closed ceiling in the basement and want to insulate the

Proceed the same way as the ceiling above, by installing the insulation and panels Sonopan, but skip the sealant which stuck, will prevent you from keeping your access to the ceiling.

If you want to soundproof a ceiling

Remove the tiles, pass the wool through the rails, cut the panels Sonopan the size of your tiles to be able to pass them, too, through the rails. Keep them, then use the washers and screws as in the previous example. If your ceiling is not finished, install the rails and do the above steps. However, you should be careful during your installation and provide to never put the wool around recessed lights. It will be necessary that you check the procedure with your electrician.

Note in the case of a new bathroom

If you install a corner shower, plan to soundproof your walls as it should. Install your shower afterwards. The falling water when the shower is used could, in effect, creating quite a commotion in the next room, a bedroom often.

If you rent

If you rent or you can not or do not want to invest too much money to change your room but you still have problems with noise generated by your neighbors, or if your neighbors complain about the noise you make some decorating tips can help.

Chairs : Install felts under the legs of your chairs.
The floor : lay carpets or rugs to muffle the sound on the go.
The curtains : are buying curtains or thick cotton velor that you put along the walls are poorly insulated. You can also put a blanket behind her or just an old curtain that feutrera the room.
Speakers : to dampen vibration that make your speakers or your TV, you can install rubber or carpet. It must absorb shocks.

A cast on the furniture , comforter on the bed are all solutions that are designed to absorb noise. Noise can indeed be an irritant in size, but these tips will soften your life surely.