The noise pollution as well as chemical pollution. Improve your comfort with labeled products and ecological insulation.

Labels quality sound

Who said sound insulation, double glazing or double words window. In terms of double glazing , certification Exothermic information on the acoustic performance of the woodwork. A window class AC4 insulates better than AC1 noise. On windows, body CEKAL established product performance. Glazing range from 25dB (A) noise reduction (in quiet environment) to 38 dB (A) for housing noisy.

The alternative, the dual window is often easier and less expensive. It consists in laying a second window with a pane of at least 6 mm thick, more than 12 cm from the first. Quality label is assigned to the whole construction. It certifies the performance of seven criteria: protection against noise (inside and outside), the estimated cost of heating loads and hot water, thermal insulation summer, the quality of the plumbing, the installation of electrical equipment, and durability of roofs and facades. Finally, some professionals are certified ISO 9001, 9002 or 9003. Whatever solution you use, call a professional. You will avoid surprises and inappropriate decisions.


Guarantees of nine

Whether you plan on buying or you’re building a house, you get specific guarantees on the responsibility of manufacturers. Your home must meet minimum requirements for protection against noise. That’s why you get a guarantee of sound insulation that fits in the completion guarantee. You have one year from the date of possession to indicate these defects. Better if the acoustic disturbance makes the building unfit for its purpose, you go through the year guarantee. Clearly, you are covered by life insurance-book for ten years from the reception!

The soundproofing in natural

The insulation is not an aspect of comfort that can be considered during the construction. owner a property you can always improve the comfort of your home. Outside elements such as windows, shutters, doors and other opening that you can renovate the guidance of a professional, you can enhance the sound insulation of your walls and your roof. For this you can use the current products (glass wool, etc.), or to turn to green products, efficient and easy to install: the kitchenette and cotton wool.

The herds: natural insulator

Made from plant material and natural outcome of hemp, the herds is a natural insulator. It is extracted from hemp straw by mechanical grinding (without chemical). Boon has the two qualities, its low density and its insulating capabilities. These are mainly due to morphological characteristics of the boon, the plant is harvested at maturity saps withdrew leaving room for air. This is what gives particles herds their insulation qualities and density.

Wool cotton: healthy and anti-allergic

100% natural, 100% ecological cotton wool insulation material is par excellence. In addition to superior performance plans and thermal insulation, it contributes to the well-being of all its cleanliness and the total absence of risk of inhaling harmful particles. This is the ideal insulation for all people with allergies, asthma or who simply want to live healthy. In addition, the cotton wool ISOA has a 10 year warranty.