Who wants to move the spa oasis in your own bathroom, only needs a few utensils. Then his own SPA can be opened.

When it comes to equip a bathroom functional and practical, it requires, inter alia, the relevant sanitation. Many Bath Friends put this regard to modern sanitary ware, while it does not matter what color have the equipment. At numerous portals, information can be gathered. Popular is of course the color white, but are still quite a few more color variations for the bathroom. White is safe therefore so popular because the possible combinations are particularly diverse. When setting up the bath then all any colors can be chosen, which also affects the curtains, decoration and bath mats. Even the towels are often chosen to fit, after all, the bathroom is not only a functional space represents, it often serves also for relaxation and inspiration.

Trendy and modern sanitary ware

Depending on the individual affinity and colors taste the design of sanitary facilities can be selected. Who puts special emphasis on design and exclusivity here, you can choose the color of marble, among other things, because this color seems classy and elegant on. Then to the decoration and the rest of the decor in the color white can be maintained, as this color finally provides a great contrast to the dark color marble give. More and more wellness and also decide to hold their wellness program at home and therefore acquire its own Jacuzzi. It depends of course on the size of the bathroom.


Wellness for the private bathroom

Wellness for the soul as well as the body, so many people focus on wellness when it comes to effectively relax and recharge your batteries. For this purpose, can be installed in the bathroom, a private hot tub, or bathtub is simply equipped with an appropriate auxiliary function. How does wellness mood, especially if additionally great bath products and oils are used. Who has yet to be nicely decorated bathroom will have particularly enjoyed his own personal oasis. Essential oils are perfect for addition to the bath water. For this purpose usually range a few drops come into question here as orange, lavender or eucalyptus.

Jojoba and almond oil

Massages are extremely beneficial to the well-being. To this end, various oils are suitable. When choosing, it is important to ensure that the all-natural cold-pressed oils are obtained, because only these products still contain valuable nutrients. Depending on the affinity of massage oils can be used or added to bath water. Add This includes, for example, jojoba oil or almond oil. Also real cocoa butter is fabulous to indulge the senses and relax.