Most of the existing houses are not of great size . ‘s not unusual for a homeowner , you have the feeling congested rooms, in which the spaces are never enough. This feeling can sometimes be due to poor management of available land , a decoration is not suitable for your needs . Especially in the city center then, the spread of small studios led to the emergence of a new concept of home , which tries to maximize the functions in the smallest possible space.
these requirements common, led to the production of a wide variety of space-saving solutions , often very innovative, almost futuristic. Now let’s see together some ideas on how to give breath to the houses even more compact.

An immediate solution, to increase the usable area of the house, is to replace the hinged doors with sliding doors.
This option is valid both for increasing the amplitudes available, as to give an opportunity of separation, and therefore of greater privacy, where there would not otherwise have the opportunity. To optimize the space of the house, the general guidelines to follow are: the exploitation of the entire volume occupied by a piece of furniture, the pursuit of multifunctional, the glorification of folding and development in height.



For the living room you can choose between sofa beds and couches that hide under their soft cushions, several compartments to store all sorts of accessories to give a touch more, buy some furniture innovative. There are, for example, small libraries , which he closed in on themselves, can be exploited to create an additional seat or a nice table to play cards The nursery is easy to be equipped with smart solutions, in which is possible to derive the desk area in the space below the bed elevated to the master bedroom, it is inevitable the bed that conceals an internal large compartment, ideal for storing bedding and clothes for the change of season.