In some cases means having more space, as it involves the addition of an environment above or below, but in other cases, it means more than anything else revise the space available. Scale in fact occupies a good slice of space that must be perfectly integrated and exploited in the best way possible, not only as a closet or corner of the confusion.

Shelves and furniture for spiral staircases

Any type of scale you possess, the use of space is crucial to find a place to take full advantage of certain objects or the environment. There are some brands that have thought of this kind of needs. Leading them to the field of furniture and stairs, star of Made in Italy, which, in addition to design and produce scales with modern lines and practices, he also thought add to catalog a wide range of accessories and objects that make the stairs more enjoyable and comfortable. Accessories in question are all designed to maximize space within the home, which, you know, never enough. Among the products we find the coat rack, wood and specially designed to be placed in the entrance areas, so as to accommodate accessories, bags and coats.


If you are missing tops or media, adding to the stairs, the furniture and accessories that allow you to make the most of the space available. How Shelf – Y, a shelf design made ​​of plexiglass, which is perfectly suited to the environment without changing it, whatever the style chosen. Finally, there is also Space – Y , which becomes, instead, a real piece of furniture, which allows you to optimize the space under the stairs, even when it has a spiral staircase, and it seems almost lost space.

For those who have children around the 1:00 to 2:00 age, the gates are often forced a frown and an addition, with the arrival of the first steps, the scale is seen as a serious danger of falls, tumbles and barrel. In the catalog has a specific hash own stair spiral, which adapts to the different models and does well-integrated in the structure of the object scale. The installation can be done both on the railing of which is provided with the scale, both the wall.

Stair coverings

When it comes to staircases and not only, however, between the customized accessories are also siding, which, for example, are often made ​​of wood and involve a choice of the surface finish of the steps. The brand 3000 specializes in this kind of product, with coatings that are made ​​directly in carpentry, with care and attention. The steps, for example, are assembled using two planks trimmed and joined by an inner core, which makes it all appear as one piece. Finally, it can be finished with a bull of different bill, round, beveled or framework, depending on the customization chosen. Woods, natural, undergo different processes, known under the profile of Bio Plus, or processed only with bio compatible ingredients, in addition 50 herbal substances and minerals mixed together that nourish the wood in its deeper structure, without clinging to the pores, and restores the self-protective capacity inevitably lost during the machining processes.