Increasingly, there are for rent or for sale in the open space realizations once used as warehouses, factories or large stores, which have been adapted for residential use. The fascination of open space is remarkable, but it is not simple furnish it in a functional way, all that space may appear too empty and are often used for furniture that seek in some way to separate the various parts of the apartment. This same problem can also occur when you are faced with a very large living room, where the furniture seem almost lost in all that space. A simple way and, at the same time very functional, to divide an environment too large, is to use a library.


If an environment is too large, you do not need to make it more intimate building works, involving considerable expense, but it can be a very simple double-sided bookcase. We’re talking about a furniture that you can find for sale at the best shops of furniture and that is usually completely modular to suit the needs of everyone. Who wants to keep spending can be directed to the large international chains dealing with the decor, in any case, the outlay of money to set up a double-sided bookcase is undoubtedly less than the use of a bricklayer.

Libraries Bi faces are normally formed by gaps and spaces filled, closed with doors, of course, also double sided and can be placed directly fixing them to the ceiling. Since the needs of each are different, one can compose the walls-library of varied length that can be placed at the center of the space to be furnished constituting a sort of wall, but leaving two lateral free passages. With this option, it is possible, in the two parts of the environment, enjoy the same way the light from the windows.

Those who want to completely separate the environment may decide to place the library staring at one of the side walls to allow free passage from the opposite side, but the most fascinating is to opt for a library that acts as a complete wall with a lot of openings allowing the central passage. In this case, above the opening, not to get too high, and are placed on shelves which can accommodate more books. It must be said, however, that this solution is often necessary to resort to custom built furniture and of course the cost can be much higher.