The best tips for the big cleanup

When announcing the spring, it pushes many people to the big cleanup in order to get rid of all that has accumulated dust and dirt in the cold months of the year. Now is also the best time to upholstery an extra portion of care to indulge. One should note a few tips and tricks to make sofas and armchairs to bring back to a shine.

Vinegar as a stimulant for the sofa

Large upholstered furniture, you can edit with a cloth soaked in vinegar. The best places are the damp cloth on the surface of the fabric and then knock on it for example with a carpet beater. That brings the hidden dust from the upholstery, which is absorbed by the cloth. As a desirable side effect of vinegar freshens the same color on the fabric. Special nozzle of the vacuum cleaner pick up additional dirt from the cracks. For those who have sensitive noses and cleaning odors poorly tolerated, there is a trick: Just a little scented oil on the bag or filter drip of the vacuum cleaner and has spread thanks to the fan in the whole house smell good!


Now is a good time to revamp leather covers. Leather can be cleaned with a mild detergent, soap or leather with a mild soap solution. Important is the care afterwards: That one should use special leather products, such as a nursing milk or cream, as they are available commercially for the treatment of leather. But beware: The softer the leather, the more careful you should proceed with the cleaning. Glove Soft covers can not tolerate fats or coloring, because it allows them to lose their softness.

Even when buying think about cleaning!

Who wants to bring the annual spring cleaning stress free as possible behind him, should put even when buying furniture on products that can be easily maintained.

The best tricks in chewing gum and clay

Especially he was still in the mouth of the Little, seconds later, he stuck to the terms of the sofa, almost new. There are small margins in the home again and again, especially when children run around. Also, clay is a common “legacy” of the little ones. This is annoying but not a disaster, if you react properly. Thus, one should drink about stains are not possible dry. Better yet, the stain as soon as possible to deal with a lukewarm solution of shampoo and water. Against clay and chewing gum helps cool: for instance with a cold pack or ice spray from the pharmacy with. Once hardened, the whole is, can the ground, carefully remove and crumble. But be careful with velor: Here it is particularly careful to say, go with it are not lost too much fiber! There are also special trade-mark agents chewing gum. But these products may change color and texture of the upholstery.