Stained glass

The inclusion of windows in the interior of the house helps to give light to the space, as well as to create a stylish interior taste sometimes unusual, making warm and attractive housing. There are some interesting artistic features of which a glass plate can be equipped, managing to become the subject of art itself, both through the creation of stained glass to be inserted in a variety of interior solutions, both through the creation of real paintings glass worked with the technique of fusing, the lead binding, or by another technique.

The machining of the glass, in fact, are so many, in commerce there are multiple types of plates obtained thanks to sophisticated machining, to be inserted in the inner spaces of the house, creating solutions of internal singular. Glass sheets , besides being able to be used for create windows with sound and thermal insulation, put in place in the solution double-glazed, you can enter the rooms of the house, in the solution of glass art made ​​with glass fusing technique, the technique of lead binding and the technique of tying pond, the so-called Tiffany, or with other techniques of decoration of glass sheets.


Enter stained glass

You can use artistic glass for doors, windows and exterior doors, for openings that often are made ​​in the partition walls, to give light to a close environment, can be made ​​with stained glass windows, partitions or entire partition walls, but an interesting solution turns out to be sure, the use of stained glass in the ceiling . This type of glass panes strongly characterizes the environment, giving it greater aesthetic value and fulfilling the need to illuminate the space. The stained-glass window in the ceiling, in fact, is better placed if equipped with a back light, which highlights the decor, and makes functional space.

Another interesting solution for the interior is the creation of decorated panels, to be inserted as the paintings in glass , if you want to interpret paintings, wall-mounted with a small distance from the wall, supported by media. A window of this type is advisable to insert it on a wall, clear colored so as to highlight the drawing. The picture is also possible to realize glass anti-injury, or decorated tile can be placed in double glazing. The technique used for the construction of frameworks of glass, can be the fusing, the technique of lead binding, and other, the glass can also be combined with other materials such as copper, brass, iron, aluminum and wood, can be found on the market even glass sculptures to be included in furniture, which may prove to be, ornamental truly special.

Other applications of glass made ​​through the glass melting, concerning the furnishing, can be realized in fact, real glasses design, to produce the most various furniture elements. In the market, there are tables with glass tops made ​​through this technique, such as living room tables, and other pieces of furniture that are made ​​of glass plates in combination with other materials to create unique solutions, unique pieces of considerable elegance that are able to integrate both a modern, both a more traditional style.

Another solution for the preparation of fused glass plates, if our house is equipped with an internal staircase, is the creation of glass railings, produced by melting, parapets also equipped with special decorations that fit eloquently. The parapets are fixed with minimal systems, so that it achieves a continuous handrail, and in addition it is preferred if it is possible to realize also the treads of the staircase glass.

The glass doors art can mold itself to different types of furniture, both characterized by a modern light lines and strong colors is an environment with a more classic and a more sober style. An interesting solution is finally the production of windows for separating the internal space of the ladder from the living room, realizing a stained-glass window, which allows to give to the brightness scale and simultaneously characterize the space.