When you move to Bangalore for studying or working, you are sure to be looking for a place to stay. Your company guest house may be open only for a few weeks and then you start to look for paying guest accommodation in Bangalore. You know that you need a PG because you cannot afford the rents or simply do not want the hassle of running a home. This is the most suitable if you do not have a family.

Considering there are many who are looking for the same, there is a rise in the number of paying guest accommodations in Bangalore. There are PC facilities in all the developed and developing areas of the city. The concentration depends on the presence of educational institutions and offices. But the quality and standard of paying guest accommodations in Bangalore is much higher than the other major cities in the country. Here are a few things that will validate the same:

  • Homelike treatment:

There are many places where the landlord and his family stay at the premise. This makes the paying guest a part of their family. If you are a friendly paying guest, then you can be assured that you will be treated as a family member by the landlord.

They tend to be there when you get sick, take care of your things and also give you advice when they see you doing things that you shouldn’t be doing.

  • Homelike facilities:

Some PG accommodations in Bangalore are just like your mom’s home when it comes to facilities. You will find home-cooked food, laundry, maids, the internet and everything at the same place. They are all chargeable but are definitely worth the money. You do not have to feel homesick and miss your mom doing everything for you.

  • Well-furnished homes:

There are many places that you will see with rooms that are more or less like hotels. Some of the places even have air-conditioners and other such facilities to make sure that the residents are comfortable. Attacked bathrooms, kitchen, full-length mirrors, and many other things are also available.

There are many owners who actually make it very convenient for the people by putting up hooks at the right places, side tables and many more things of the sort.

  • Perfect localities:

Gone are the days when the PG facilities were only in the tiny lanes of localities. Now there are localities like Sadashivnagar and Cunningham road that have top-notch PG facilities for the people to stay. If you work in a location that is in the heart of the city than making sure that you look for the facilities there itself. You will not be disappointed.

  • Professionalism:

The people who run these facilities are very professional and up to date with what they do. If you have paid for facilities there is a very rare chance of you not receiving it or there being any mistakes in the same. The PG owners make sure that the keep up the consistency and quality of the services as they cannot let it stain their reputation.

  • Safety:

There are many PG accommodations that make sure that the safety of the inhabitants is taken care of. If you are a woman looking out for a PG accommodation in Bangalore, then you are going to see watchmen in the building and also many other security measures.

There are many owners who also take an ID proof of the tenants so that it is easy to track them.

The PG business has been a huge hit in Bangalore, therefore there are people competing for better