In a scene confusing and not very crystalline, one thing is certain, however: the rules for the safety of the gas must pass through the specialists in the field . In this article I will try to make you a little clarity about the law, certificates and standards for the security necessary for the plant to gas is unexceptionable .

In the event that you are providing information about standards for the safety of the gas because you are going to do it again, you must contact a specialized company. They not only take care of the installation carried out at the hands of trained technicians, but they will also direct you on maintenance. To find out which are the companies that may be helpful do not have to consult a “trusted friend” that, as prepared, does not have the necessary skills to perform the work. For necessary skills and then to specialized companies, I mean companies that have the certificate of competency which is usually issued by the Chamber of Commerce or at least by the bodies belonging to crafts.


If you already have a gas system, but are uncertain about its safety, you have to be filled by an expert (in this case, you also can go to a specialist general), the “Board of Presidential Decree 218/98”, a module that must correspond to the following observations: suitability for the ventilation of the premises, as well as ventilation and discharge of fumes and the regularity of surveillance systems with regard to the flame. The card, once completed, make sure it is full of references “UNI 10738”, a designation that certifies the liability of the name that makes you control, so you can be sure to sleep soundly and, in case of any problems, you can submit the full documentation that will exonerate from any failure by demonstrating that you are not the cause.

In both cases, whether you need to build a new gas plant, whether you need to carry out checks on an existing system, remember that the law is the reference n ° 1083/71 and No. 46, to get the full text enough that you are headed in any door Conf Shops, Crafts of your city, the advice is free and they will know, as well as advice, including possibly show you the names in their databases. In the latter case, you can be sure to pursue the safety of the gas so excellent.