Ants are some of the most annoying insects you can find in your home, and while they may not be as persistent or dangerous as bedbugs or cockroaches, they become a recurrent problem without the help of a professional exterminator. Ant control in Toronto is difficult because they operate out of deep underground colonies they build around homes: the carpenter variety, for example, often enters into structures as part of satellite colonies, while their main settlement remains in a dead tree or trunk somewhere outside of your home. Spraying or squashing them is never a solution since they secrete pheromones, which leave behind a trail for others to sniff and follow. By building colonies close to the exteriors of homes, they can stay close to an easy source of food and water which they find by crawling in through cracks and nooks.


A common mistake made by homeowners is to destroy ant hills with store-bought chemicals, because while it seems like an easy solution, it often fails to keep the problem from returning. Professional technicians can accurately measure how deep the colonies go and produce chemicals that can actually prevent them from returning. For example, in order to treat fire ants in your backyard, you will need a much stronger solution than those available at Canadian Tire, and you will have to regularly treat the soil where they can be found two or three times a year. They a recurring pest and treatment must be performed annually, or else they will likely move in again from nearby sources. Contacting a top-notch pest control company is the first step to protecting your home against common pests found in Toronto such as carpenter and pavement ants, centipedes, millipedes, rodents, flies, bees, wasps, hornets, bedbugs, and cockroaches.

Ant control in Toronto may seem challenging, but using these 4 tips to find a reliable company is sure to help you get rid of your problem.

#1 Find a company that will perform an onsite evaluation and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote, a promise made by local company Power Pest Control. All top notch exterminators first pay a visit to your home so they can understand the problem, track their routes, and identify every source.

#2 Good extermination companies always offer a warranty and stand by the quality of their service; once they are done, if your problem re-emerges, they will schedule times and dates for no-charge follow-ups and are always ready to revisit the problem should you sight bugs again in the treated areas of your home. You can choose between 6-month or 1-year protection plans at companies like Power Pest Control, though they also offer multi-species packages if you are busy battling another issue as well.

#3 Better exterminators use child-safe, pet-friendly chemicals which are also safe for pregnant women after they have been used for treatment. While you will have to leave the home for several hours during treatment, you have no need to worry once you return.

#4 Lastly, make sure the ant control professionals in Toronto you use are trustworthy by visiting their office or website and checking their certifications. Professional companies always employ technicians who are licensed with the Ministry of Environment and should provide an Ontario exterminator card to clients upon request. Treatment through a licensed company means a guaranteed, safe solution that protects your home, family, and the environment.