A fire can be a very traumatic experience. It is important to remain as calm as possible in the event of a fire breaking out in the home or in the workplace. The situation requires someone or several people to be leaders who will help everyone in the building to be safe.

Read this useful guide from Sepmar about the best things to do in a fire. This advice could save people’s lives.

Remain Low

It is very important that everyone keeps low to the ground in the event of a fire. This is because heat rises,  so smoke will rise towards the ceiling. The smoke can be incapacitating if it is breathed in by anyone. Make sure to protect hands, knees and feet as much as possible when crawling or stooping because there could be harmful materials such as broken glass on the floor. The broken glass could potentially cause serious injuries.


Avoid Using Water

Some people may be tempted to fetch water from the tap and throw it on the fire. However, this commonly held belief is actually extremely dangerous. Water contains a lot of oxygen, which can actually cause the fire to grow larger. In the event of a fire, make sure to use a fully functioning fire extinguisher which is filled with fire retardant foam. Sepmar provides fire-extinguishers. The substance will help to extinguish the fire in a safe way. If no fire extinguishers are available, then use a fireproof blanket to smother the flames. A blanket is extremely useful in the event  of instances such as chip pan fires.

Leave Behind Belongings

One mistake which some people make during a fire is to waste valuable time collecting important documents or valuable belongings. However, this can sometimes prove to be fatal because the fire can develop and people may find that they are trapped in the building with no hope of escape. At the first sign of a fire, stop everything and move to a safe place.

Assist Children and Elderly People

If there are children or elderly people in the building at the same time as the fire,  they may be incapacitated or disorientated. This puts them in a lot of danger. Remember to assist any elderly people or children if a fire happens to break out. They can be calmed down and guided to safety until they are out of the building.

Call The Fire Brigade

Fire can be disorientating, and some people may forget  to call the fire brigade because they are too traumatised. However, it is incredibly important to remember to call for assistance.

Do A Headcount

Everyone who was in the building at the time of the fire needs to be accounted for. Take responsibility for a head count. If hundreds of people were in the building all the time, select several people to co-ordinate a roll call of the employees.

Remember these important points if a fire happens to occur.