You may have heard murmurs around your community about steel building kits being the way of the future, but still found yourself wondering what the solution to your storage-related needs might be.

Surely a metal building isn’t enough to keep all your possessions safe? It must be too expensive, or hard to construct – there has to be some sort of catch! These suspicions make sense – you’ve been dealing with construction workers and contractors overcharging you for the construction of traditional brick and wood buildings for years, so it makes sense you’d be leery – but rest assured, steel buildings are the true cost-effective and highly durable solution to each and every one of your problems.

Before you go haywire from the excitement of this new opportunity, you should know that there are different models to choose from. Having knowledge about the different models will allow you to choose which steel building is most suitable for you or your business. While there are different models to choose from, we should state that all steel building models are made from the same material.


Let’s take a top steel building manufacturer like Rocket Steel Canada and look at some of the different buildings they offer. The P-Model steel building is a more cost-effective model, best suited for garages, backyard sheds, workshops, and commercial storefronts.

It can withstand severe weather, heavy snow and winds up to 150mph. The P-Model steel can even withstand earthquakes – not to mention you have the option to design its exterior match the décor of your home or business. The available widths start from 14th to 30ft with unlimited lengths. The S-Model is similarly customizable, but a bit wider; its best uses are workshops, retail business, fire department garages, auto repair shops and more. 

Rocket’s Q-Model Metal Buildings offers a military design, vermin and insect protections and even come with unlimited lengths. Just like the two above, the Q-Model can be used in many ways, such as storing bulks of cargo, workshops, livestock shelter, hay and grain, industrial shops, school indoor skating rinks, and even retail stores.

You can even use the Q-Model for paintball arenas, indoor softball stadiums and more! The available widths for this steel building type start from 20ft to 100ft.

Of the four metal buildings offered by Rocket Steel, the A-Model is known as the sturdiest. The building type is designed to be insulated to withstand very harsh climate conditions and even includes a 4:12 pitched roof designed for high snow regions.

This steel building type also has a minimum yield of 55ski. Just like the others, the A-Model can be used in many ways, such as a garage, workshop, retail stores, barn, machine shed, cabins and camps or just for extra space. The available widths for this building type from 16ft to 40ft and include unlimited widths.

Steel buildings are environmentally friendly, fire and termite resistant and even known to be tougher than the average piece of wood. These affordable buildings don’t rot or decay and are virtually maintenance- and pain-free.

Many steel buildings are made with AZ55 Galvalume steel which is considered to be tough and rust-resistant allowing you ease of not having to worry about damage to your steel building and the things your store in it. All in all, a steel building is an ideal option for anyone looking to store their stuff in safety and style, so be sure to do your research when you are ready to buy the best steel buildings in Canada!