In the kitchen, better deal with any excesses. The backsplash perfectly fills this function. Let the dress ceramic tile, mosaic nets, glass paste or other material a bit unusual, it enhances the look of the lair of record of the stove cranks. Discover beautiful specimens that will soon wake up your appetite for renovation.

Ask a mosaic backsplash

In less time than it takes to say, it is possible to create a backsplash top trend. And need not be a seasoned handyman! Indeed, the installation of nets mosaic is not rocket science. Since they can be cut with scissors, the adjustments are easy to implement. In this kitchen, light beige walls establishes a dialogue with chips of white, cream and brown backsplash brand new.


Kitchen converted

With a budget of under $ 1,000, owners are offered a spectacular ceramic backsplash design ultra whose appearance has nothing to envy from the kitchens of the hottest hours. Preassembled on nets, ceramic tile can be installed without any difficulty. The gray and white sticks interspersed randomly create an arresting design originality that attracts visual attention as soon as one enters the room.

Kitchen area quickened

Beyond the traditional ceramic tile, there is life! In this small condo kitchen, backsplash received preferential treatment by being dressed in a coat natural look of interest. Covered with a flooring imitation cork, cut into squares of 36 x 36, it will not fail to talk about. A lemony green covers the walls and cabinets, brightening the space and making it more inviting.

Refresh the kitchen

Inspired by the seaside atmosphere, materials and colors of this kitchen-lab are a breath of novelty combines movement and play of light. Thus, the glass mosaic backsplash with shimmering freshness brings a fabulous backdrop of the work plan. The new melamine cupboards in wood finish, embellished here and there with small glass panes, which subtly evoke water, dominate this shimmering ocean.