When in our home we decided to install the sliding doors inside the wall , you need to create a counter when the operation is able to hide the tracks that the port uses to travel horizontally . Depending on the quality of the wood and furniture of the house you choose the type of subframe to achieve. To know how to fix the subframe of a sliding door, simply follow the instructions that we provide in this guide.

Typically a sliding door to disappearance on the high side in the horizontal has a track with the pulleys attached. When we open the door, disappears into the wall thanks to the track for that half is visible, and for the other half is also retractable. When the door is closed from the aesthetic point of view we note in addition to the track on the upper part, also a strip of wood thin vertical in correspondence of the closure. To hide both here we use the strips of wood about 12 inches wide with which we realize the subframe.


The doors usually also the normal ones are screwed onto a wooden frame interposed between them and the masonry shaft. After mounting the door, even in the case of the slide which we are concerned, we have to fix about 2 inches of wood and the rest simple masonry. Then cut the rods to make the frame, complete with a snap at 45 ° we can use very thin headless nails that allow us to fix wood on wood. However, since the frame as already mentioned quite thin then the outer part of the frames are fixed with self-tapping screws of steel, able to withstand in the masonry contrary to the nails smooth. These screws can be fixed either by hand or with a cordless drill.

For the fixing of the subframe done with the strips, are sufficient in this case four screws, one in the upper part, a downward and two equally distributed in the central part A small measure to be taken before fixing screws between the wood and the wall is to create in correspondence of the inlet holes, the flare so that the screw completed its run, is subjected to the wood surface to which it is sufficient waxing specific for stopping the pores of the wood, which enables us to make disappear even the cross-head screw of the same. The subframe of a sliding door , when it comes to a small partition wall thickness, can also be purchased pre-made at the same time in order to hide the sliding door from both sides of the wall is in fact of rectangular bars with an open side The fixing in this case can only occur with nails directly on the wood, as the space available is the total of the frame to support the entire structure.