Green or flowering, plants bring such a diversity of shapes, scents and colors, they can only bring harmony and softness

Long neglected, the plants are now in the trend and can be staged such works of art. Whether in a living room, bathroom or conservatory, indoor plants are both de-pollution, de-stressing and decorative. So why deny it? The idea is to play both in the form of the plant and in form and color of container. And, according to their specificity, they can dress up any room in your home, whether or light shade.

Green plants

Less stringent than the flowering plants, they will adapt to all your interiors. Nothing like a great plant as a decorative element for interior very nature! Feel free to opt for a ficus benjamina or pachira twisted rod. For smaller spaces, or aloe vera and yucca are not perfect and require very little care. Green plants also have the ability to purify our air, some houseplants you just rid of all air pollutants. This is the case among others, the areca or Boston fern.


Flowering plants

Colorful, delicate flowering plants bring color and exoticism to your home. The orchid in any form or anthurium will be assets to your decor.


# The green walls appear as the major trend of the moment and is an essential element of decoration. Creating a vertical garden has the advantage of a room clutter and improve the living environment. The choice of plants should be based on the brightness of your space.

# Making a Zen garden with bamboo, pebbles, small stones and dwarf plants, will bring a relaxing atmosphere.

# Make a miniature garden in eggshells that you fill soil and mini plants such as cacti. For presentation purposes, the ideal is to put the shells in their box by removing the cover.

However, some precautions must be observed, the plants are not to be wrongly and through the whole house. We must put in a medium to 10m ². It also requires that you entreteniez your plants properly so that they are operational. Indeed, a plant that dies may release more toxins than elements beneficial to health.