The school ends soon. To celebrate the beginning of summer, why not host a summer party for children? You might miss some inspiration to decorate and fill the time of the party. but you will see by reading the following that no shortage of ideas to make this celebration a memorable one for kids! It first find an evocative theme. In these hot days of early summer, I offer a refreshing celebration on the theme of water and summer fun. Whether you have a pool or not, water is fun for all children!

First, the invitation

We choose one or the other of these proposals:

# Write the invitation message on beach balls with a permanent marker (sharpie pen), then offer them to guests.
# Prepare invitation cards shaped ice cream cone.
# Insert the invitation message in a plastic bottle (water bottle) with the labels removed. We do not forget to mention that most swimsuits and beach towels are absolutely necessary!


Then, the decor to prepare in advance with children

# For the meal, we use bubble wrap to cover the table: he remembered the water, the theme of the festival.
# If you have a small or a large pool, we decorate the floating toys (ducks or frogs sold at the store $
# We cut wafers of different diameters of cardboard blue and turquoise colors of the water.
# We may also suspend, on a clothesline, forms of fish and starfish cut in beautiful boxes colored water.

Finally, planning activities for the festival

# We buy bottles of bubbles to blow ($ 1 store). With beautiful paper printed, we create custom labels on which the names of each child will be enrolled. That way, everyone will have his bottle and children can walk away with when the party is over.
# Fill a small pool of water, then inflate the balloon is filled with water slightly. Children can have fun throwing these missiles under the supervision of an adult. One can of course do the same thing in a large above ground pool or inground. And these balloons will have a dual purpose: decorating and fun!
# Pour a little biodegradable bubble bath by filling a small pool of water guaranteed fun! The kids will love it.
# No need for a large pool to organize this kind of celebration: the lawn sprinklers are just fine. All children love to run on the grass to get caught by the jet of cold water. The idea is cool, no matter how. If the pool is deep, it will of course always make sure to provide enough adults invited to monitor the whole brood floundering!
# The smallest are also a great opportunity to showcase their artistic talents with the finger painting. Just out of large sheets of paper or cardboard and everyone are having a field day. It can get dirty without problem out: it is very easy to rinse afterwards, especially when wearing only a swimsuit.
# For older children, it leaves the body paint or makeup pencils and it turns the arms and legs in addition to the face!
# We arrange a fishing game in a small pool: there is only making fishing rods with branches and jute rope. We use paper clips to the end of the rope by way of hooks. Then simply insert other clips in small Styrofoam balls and try to catch them.

A Must: The ice cream bar with choice of toppings and candy is a guaranteed success! And to drink, nothing better than to remove labels on water bottles. They are replaced by labels on which are inscribed the name of each child.