Swimming pools are considered the main elements when it comes to fun and relax in our homes.  When the heat lashes, there we can spend days, or even nights. Thanks to its technological systems, we can count on 24 hours a day heated water in any time of the year.

But we must understand that they are not taken care of or kept alone. There are various processes that we must do in cleaning pools to keep the water as pure as possible and thus enjoy a good state of health.

For each particular case we have different methods of pool maintenance, which are usually divided into two large groups: manual and automatic. The automatic cleaner is the solution for those who are reluctant to spend a lot of time cleaning the pools.

In most cases the pools are already equipped with this type of water filtering system that allows us to remove the leaves and the dirt that is in the water. If you would like to clean or wash your pool your could contact with a most trusted and experienced pool service company like –Pelican Bay Pools.

Another great advantage of this automatic cleaner is that it improves the efficiency of products that are responsible for water treatment, because it keeps it constantly in motion, behaving very similar to a mobile sump. This process makes it possible to avoid dead water areas that are impossible to eliminate through the sump and skimmers. Thus cleaning swimming pools not only becomes fast but also efficient.

Swimming pool cleaning is not limited to automatic elements that filter leaves or toxins, but also to the chemical treatment that we must give to the water to be healthy by the users. It is true that if the bottom of the pool is kept clean with no algae or calcareous deposits with effective filtering. The type of filter and by the design and arrangement of the parts that are responsible for the suction, water treatment is very simple.

Although many people believe that cleaning pool is almost null in winter because the water to a few degrees is perfectly preserved, almost unfiltered and with little chemical treatment. We should not rely on it. It is ideal to put the original swimming pool cleaning system in place as soon as the winter is over. Although the use during that season has been almost nil dirt and toxins exist and must be eliminated.

Pollution phenomena have been eliminated by the various chemical treatments for water that are now available on the market. Treatments that do not require effort, only a small investment to be able to enjoy a pool throughout the year.

However, it is necessary to consider certain external factors that influence the cleaning of swimming pools. The Sun is one of them, when the temperature oscillates between 20-25 ° C the more the water will work and the more it will destabilize the PH. Also the sun Also acts in the production of algae and degradation of the products in the water, such as storms cause the water to become cloudy and evolve negatively if it does not have a sufficient reserve of disinfectant.

All these problems have more than one solution to efficiently perform pool cleaning: filtration and more filtration for a long time, water with preventive protection like – ant algae, PH balance, etc., sufficient supply of new water to avoid Water laden with artificial lime, etc.