The wooden pool is very popular, there are different types: above ground, semi-buried and buried. The choice depends only on the future owner, but it is useful to know that the installation procedures are not the same.

If many people are tempted by a wooden swimming pool, it is because there are many benefits. Already Woodworking is no longer a secret for the modern man. It is now much easier to have various forms of basin with wood. Generally, the basin of a wooden pool can be circular, square, rectangular or octagonal. But you can also do make custom pools, according to your wish with some extra cost. Wood is a natural element. It does not spoil the beauty of your garden green but will fit perfectly into the landscape. One of the arguments often tilt the choice in favor of wooden swimming pools is the price. It is accessible to all budgets. Wooden pools are generally sold in a kit with installation guide very detailed and illustrated further facilitating its installation. Thus, the budding hobbyists will be able to give heart to joy ride their own pool. The duration of the work depends largely on the size of your pool, but in general, with a good workforce, work only last a maximum of one week.


Install the wooden pool respecting administrative

Before installing the wooden pool, it is imperative to know what type of wooden pool, we are dealing. Because the law varies according to the type of pool you choose: above ground, semi buried or buried. From a certain point, the installation of a swimming pool requires a detour by the municipality to file a statement of work or even take a building permit. Generally, the installation of a removable above ground pool requires no administrative formality. However, your pool should not have an area greater than 20 square meters and its height should not be more than 1 m if not you will have to make a statement of work at City Hall. It is the same for the wooden pool semi buried and buried. If your pool does not extend more than 100 m² or exceed the level of the soil more than 60 cm, you will only have to file a statement of work at City Hall. Pool for semi-buried or buried much larger, you will need a building permit.

Install the wooden pool

The installation of a wooden pool begins with the choice of location. It is strongly recommended that the location of your wooden pool meet two criteria. First, it will be as sunny location. The sun will help warm the water in your pool and you avoid swimming in icy water. And secondly, it will ensure that your pool is located away from all hardwood plantations. This criterion is important because it will save you swim among dead leaves could also clog the filtration system of your pool. Once the location is chosen, you may have to earthworks to level the playing field. For a pool or semi-buried buried this work are to remove underground roots, protruding rocks but also large stones. Finally, you need to pour a concrete slab as a medium of your wooden pool. By cons for an above ground pool, you will just as well level the playing field and put a layer of sand above.

Mounting a wooden pool is rather easy especially when sold as a kit. You only have to read the installation guide that comes with the pool and step by step. The first step is a real breeze. The many components of wood Contreras together like pieces of a puzzle to the height of the curb. The second step is to seal your pond. For this, you need to install the liner coating. The third step is crucial because you have to connect your pool filtration system. Finally, you only have to install the remaining parts such as ladders and staircases. It should be noted that prior to his first filling, each pool must be equipped with an approved safety. Install the wooden pool is not a difficult task as it seems. For safety, it is still advisable to check everything by a professional.