Gray and winter days can be uncomfortable with enchanting table decorations bear better. Treat yourself to cheerful and carefree pleasures of the table.

When the Christmas and New Year’s decorations are put away again and waiting for their next winter, house or apartment suddenly seem a little cold. This cloud the cold, dark days of the New Year not only the mood, you can conjure up with warm colors and fresh greens with a cheerful air. In particular, the table can be changed quickly with a few accessories as you wish.

Winter Garden for the Table

A little wintry impression you can make with a little green from the garden or the florist. This allows you to move the package on the table easily, use a large plate or a neutral small round tray as a base. Fill a low glass port (vase-like glass jar) to a third with colored decorative stones. Now set some short green branches, such as purple flowering heather, inside and add some water. The glass port is placed in the back of the plate, in front of a thick candle or small lantern. The rest of the plate is covered with large pebbles on which a tendril is placed with small leaves, to achieve a vivid contrast. Another large stone lantern and a second next to the plate let the decorations seem a bit casual.


Exotic moments for cool days

There are few indoor plants that are easier to maintain than orchids. If your table is fairly light, you can use these graceful flowers perfectly in your decor, to bring a touch of spring into the room. Especially at the beginning of the year there is a large selection of orchids, because the main flowering season for most varieties then. One or two copies in zinc vessels provided they have been providing a highly decorative appearance, so that there is little other accessories needed. If you put even a gnarled root or a piece of bark from the vessels and set out some Tillandsia, experience the exotic pleasures on the table.

Strong colors in glass showcase

A quick, but very effective decoration you can with a simple glass tube and horned produce red twigs (dogwood). Cut the branches to the same length and place it evenly into the vascular bundles. Interestingly, a series of three or four small glass pots, which you populate with short horned bundles. For a strong color contrast insert some pieces of moss around the vessels. Even well-shaped stones can be integrated into this little scene.

Elegant pastel tones embedded in silver

If you want to admire not only hellebores in the garden, you can still play the main role on your table. So they keep as long as possible, they should be used with root balls in a jar. Precious does the Christmas rose, in combination with a silver dish or cup. Envelop the plant for it with plenty of moss so that it gets enough moisture. Access the color of the flowers again, by placing a shimmering piece of fabric loosely around the vessel, and set to one or two lanterns. As a cut flower for a bouquet , the poinsettia is the way, not so good because it fades quickly.

Masquerade for great days

Particularly lush and colorful table decorations may vary for the carnival season. As the base is a generous slice of dark red velvet is spread out as a mirror space for a big bunch of flowers that can be arranged for example in an old stone jar. To the flowers around you distribute Venetian masks, peacock feathers and jewelry. Candlesticks of silver and exotic fruits supplement the splendid cooperation, where one would like to celebrate safely. By the way, there must be no genuine accessories: The flowers may be made ​​of silk or paper masks and cheap imitations. If you no longer want to wait for the spring, you can move it to your home and be inspired by fresh ideas, inspiration.