Descaling the bathtub

The traces of limestone in the bathtub give an impression of dirt. To remove them use the products for the bathroom, too aggressive, but rather choose natural products. Cover the limestone areas with a thick layer of salt and pour over boiling vinegar table. If not enough, repeat the process.

Remove traces of carpet adhesive

Not to slip you were glued to the bottom of the tub or shower a carpet adhesive, but it is worn and comes off leaving the horrible traces of glue! Do not worry: well first of all open windows, put on gloves and safety goggles and a thick layer of stretch-based solvent methylene chloride helping with a brush. Leave for a few minutes and rub in gently with a spatula. Passes a sponge and rinse thoroughly. if you want more information you can visit information on bathroom vanities.


Clean the space between the tiles

How horrible to see those black marks in the space between two tiles! But fear not, there is a remedy! After putting the gloves mix (your choice) of water and natural soap, water and bleach, water, and potassium (a dose of potassium for 2 or 3 doses of water) or water and urticaria acid. Use this mixture to clean with a hard brush, such as a toothbrush, the joints between the tiles. As you progress, rinse thoroughly. To avoid that the joints blacken again, prickle with a transparent varnish.

Clean sanitary acrylic

To clean the sinks or tubs in acrylic using a sponge and a non-abrasive household product. To prevent limescale always remember to rinse and dry the surface thoroughly. Never use the scale, the thinner or alcohol. If the surface is swiping, passes a bit ‘of very fine sandpaper with water and then stretch a polishing paste liquid. The traces of metal will go using a nylon brush and a product for the home.