Lacquer for furniture beech, there are simple techniques to implement. The aim is to achieve a flawless appearance and smooth white lacquer application is usually done in several layers. The appearance of a painted furniture offers a modern design to your home. The work to be performed consists of two main steps: the preparation that involves cleaning the surface and applying the lacquer.

Lacquers are products suitable for furniture bathrooms and kitchen fronts as well as interior woodwork. The basic materials used are coated lacquer, lacquer glycero, underlayment white acrylic and white spirit. For carrying out the work, the main tools to have on hand are the roller coater, brush, graining, knife coating, the very fine abrasive, vacuum rags. Getting a perfect result is determined by the quality of support that should be smooth, clean, and free of irregularities. Completion of the work requires several hours, a precise and delicate work, and a budget turn around fifty euros. For the application of finishes, it is better to have three thin coats instead of two thick layers.


The conventional technique to give a white appearance lacquered beech furniture

Preparation is to clean, rinse and dry the furniture. Keep a careful sanding and dusting furniture. The use of a vacuum cleaner can remove the fine grains of dust. You must proceed to the application of a layer of fatty coating using a knife intended for that purpose and let dry for 3 hours. Then, repeat the sanding end grain dust, making sure each time the surface. To complete the preparation, apply an undercoat of white acrylic and let dry before continuing sanding to obtain a completely smooth surface. The next step is to finish through a layer of paint with a roller coater for flat surfaces. For moldings and angles, using a brush is best suited to stretch ensuring the application of the paint as possible to avoid the brush marks. The drying time will take about 12 to 24 hours before sanding dust accompanied with a cloth soaked in white spirit. The application of the second layer is made by means of a roll coater. The use of a buffer to be coated is also suitable as long as you master the technique, stretching up without overloading. The application of a third layer may give a final look nicer, but we must let it dry for a week.

The technique to make an imitation of the look of painted furniture

This technique is used by Chinese and Japanese for the restoration of old furniture that become attractive accent furniture. It is based on the use of resins that are extracted from certain trees and is coated in several layers on the surface of the furniture. This is followed by sanding to bring out the depth of color. The surface brightness is obtained by applying a layer of gloss paint that DIYers usually use the traditional wood. We obtain a smooth surface to the touch making sure to overlap the layers of paint while avoiding unsightly brush marks. For a variation in depth of the white tones, colors of the layers in the range of the white color are applied alternately. The lacquered appearance is obtained by applying a coating liquid layer which forms the basis of enamels. The implementation of this layer aims to hide the imperfections. Indeed, the surface becomes smooth and hard after a good sanding. You must complete the work by applying thin layers of white gloss paint that has been diluted with gasoline. If the appearance is achieved by blotting the diluted paint is the wax finish which allows for the final touch in white lacquer.