Once the patio furniture arranged, leaves picked and all exterior work completed, it is time to organize the interior of your home for the cold season.

The garage

Promote clean the garage to allow them to enter the car.

* Use containers, baskets and brackets for storing games and sports equipment.
* Install wall hooks for shovels and other tools useful during the cold season.
* Get inspired tricks mentioned in the article Organize the garage in 5 steps to help you.

The sort of decorations

Use this time to sort in your decorations, as those of the Halloween store that you will need, as Christmas that will be installed soon.

* Determine if you still want to decorate your home with this theme or this decoration.
* If you do not like them, donate them to your family, friends or a charity of your choice.
* If you are not certain you want to dispose of, consider the space you use for storage.
* If you decide to dispose of, you have the storage space to store anything other. Do you need extra space to store memories or sporting goods, etc..?
* Take inventory of your decorative items before going to buy new.
* Make a specific list of what you need and stick to it when shopping. You would not find out that you had already bought something similar last year when sales after season.


Evaluation of seasonal clothing

It is also the time to watch warm clothing such as coats. Is there anyone out there some that you would like to donate? These donations are really appreciated all the charities in this time of year because the winter is difficult for people in need. Free your lobby and the wardrobe to make room for boots, winter coats, hats and mittens. Remove the lighter coats and anything that is not useful in winter, you will gain the place and you will be more at ease to maneuver in a space often quite limited. You might like tips contained in Article Organization of the lobby and his wardrobe to help you. By rotating your clothes in summer and winter, evaluate what has not been worn for a long time and give it. Many people think to do this spring, but in fact, twice a year is better. since you still remember what has not been worn last season so you can make a more realistic assessment.

Free offices

Free space on and around your desk because you’ll spend more time indoors. Recycle all old newspapers and magazines. If you do not know what to do with your batteries, use folders and baskets to help you.

Children’s toys

Get ready for the holiday season by taking stock of what can be given especially regarding children’s toys. There are many things that go into your home in the coming weeks, make room to receive them without you stuck. Christmas is a good motivator if you normally have trouble convincing your child to give some of their toys. For those of you who receive piles of masterpieces of your children, enjoy the holiday season to expose them everywhere. the windows, on doors, in the playgrounds. They are very proud to see their projects and presentations. Once the holiday season finished, choose the best for storage and for the rest, it will be recycled without guilt. They had their moment of glory and you will receive a lot of works like these in the future.


Get out your humidifier and change the direction of your ceiling fans so they rotate in the direction of clockwise. This will allow a current of air upward and redistribute the hot air from the ceiling into the room. Your heating will be more effective. Check your supply of candles and batteries to be ready to cope with occasional power outages.