How to Succeed with the best fabrics online upholstery or curtains at home knowing the differences between them through their tissues and composition.

By industries weaving fabrics produced by the union of fibers and yarns in different media, finishes, colors, materials and processes using traditional or industrial. Distinguish between them is a difficult choice when dressing the home when it is known the various features that distinguish them.

Composition of fibers and fabrics

In the manufacture of drapery fabrics used ecological cultivation organic fibers obtained without synthetic fungicides, pesticides or fertilizers respect inorganic therefore totally the environment.

Origin and development of the web

Prior to artificial fibers such as polyester or nylon animal existed as cotton or linen, which were the most used in the twentieth century for the manufacture of fabrics.


Classification, composition and fabric cleaning

The classification between different tissues distinguishes between material composition or shape it. Some of the fabrics used in the home are:

Dry cleaning: some fabrics are rich silks, sophisticated and resistant upholstery or curtains and brocade (silver or gold wires), moire (silk satin as water) or chintz (cotton sateen with polished face with resin).

Hand wash: are the most delicate and some stand out for their rustic appearance as caterpillar fabric, for curtains as batiste (cotton or linen), tulle (mesh formed of wire or cotton), originating in China as the fabric shantung (silk wild irregular) Joly stamped with historical and literary scenes (linen or cotton).

Washing machine: they are more resistant upholstery fabric such as chenille washes (very common in upholstery and velvety), ottoman (bright thick silk), pique (cotton with geometric designs in relief).

Iron at low temperature: labeling are distinguished by the symbol of the plate with a single point in some fabrics like corduroy (velvet fabric), Flannel (ideal for thick wool upholstery) tweed (wool hounds tooth soft and speck of color) or plaid.