To give a special charm to a room in your home, you can add a little creative with your stencil or decal placement of stickers. DECAL THE STENCILS No need to search your store stencils, simply to a white sheet and a pencil and you can make yourself in no time! To achieve this, you need:

# a sheet of paper
# a small brush
# a soft pencil (F) available in stores art supplies or school supplies
# paint of your choice

1. To choose the pattern, get inspired by the style of the decor, a fabric pattern, shape or design that you find an object in the room to decorate.
2. Draw, with a soft pencil, an image of choice (clover leaf) on a blank sheet of paper.
3 Return the sheet and draw the same design, same place, following the footsteps. Your stencil paper basically acts as a “carbon”.
4. Using a self-adhesive paper, attach your drawing on the wall at a selected location.
5. Draw again, always using your pencil mine, your drawing on the wall. The lead pattern on the back of the drawing is transferred automatically to the wall.
6. Repeat as necessary (if you want to get a “band” pattern.)
7. It only remains to paint your designs using paint and your brush. STICKERS When we think of stickers, one often thinks of these brilliant little drawings that the children enjoy collecting. Yet we see every day stuck in shop windows at the rear of vehicles.


We think very little to include them in our decorating plans, though, just like wallpaper, stencils and false finishes, they can, at little cost, to complete an original way our sets. They are primarily used when you want to play a theme thoroughly. Examples? In a poker room where you want to create an atmosphere “casino” in a nursery where farm animals are featured in a home theater style “Charlie Chaplin”, etc. The motto: moderation tastes better! How to choose? Once the theme is determined the location and size desired. It is best to bring our color chart to the store to ensure that the stickers will marry colored walls.

We find a variety store (lettering companies, shops for car accessories) , of all sizes, all styles. One can consult the catalog or made ​​to measure! We choose the words, style of lettering, the required size. We obtain, inexpensive, custom stickers. Where and how to stick them? Directly on the walls, the ceiling on shelves, on furniture shabby, short, everywhere! We remove the backing and stick them on the wall by applying pressure with a small plastic tool to remove air bubbles. To remove them? It’s simple: gently with a spatula for plaster.