You like the transformations that offers cheap Bye-Bye to Home? Your house is not for sale? So why not do a makeover of your room?

The makeover is the decoration is recovering, it is the art of transforming a room without breaking the bank account. The makeover is the flip side of Home Staging! The decor for sale = Home Staging and decor for living = makeover. Formerly, decorate his house to his liking was a real luxury. It is no longer the case today. In this age of decoration “affordable”, it is possible to inexpensively decorate his house harmoniously. Here’s how to make its own makeover.

The key to revamp its space

Recover: The idea of ​​affordable deco through recovery. We must review the items to keep (furniture, lamps, paintings or frames, etc). We must then decide whether to modify them (why not repaint the dresser? Or change the fabric of sitting chairs?)


budget and list: Make a budget. How much would you be comfortable investing in your room? Make a list of items to be purchased and put approximate prices for each item to get an idea of the investment you will make. If you need to do small jobs, do not forget to calculate materials (paint and other) and labor (unless you be yourself handyman).

Shop: Start with the larger elements. For example, for the makeover of a room, we start with the bedspread. This will be the starting point for the selection of other items. Follow your list and above all, respect your budget!

Color: Once you have your accessories, you can then proceed to the choice of color for painting. Go get color samples at your hardware and take them home to properly assess the color, taking into account the ambient light in your room. Subpattern this step in broad daylight!

Brighten: The success of a design well done through the addition of adequate light sources. What good color and decorate with beautiful accessories if you do not take care of the lighting. If the room has only one light source, opt for the addition of small lamps and lights extra. A ceiling may be replaced by a rail multi-projector, a luster or suspended. For inspiration, see my column A well lit home.

And the makeover is not expensive, you can afford to renew your decor as often as you want. Sometimes all it takes to renew a few accessories to completely change the feel of a room! Why spend idyllic setting that is now available to everyone!