Difficult to hide the washers and dryers in kitchens since they must remain functional. Result: you get the impression that they swear in the scene and not seen it! It offers solutions to better integrate with the decor.

Divert attention

If your appliances are placed under cabinets, you can “separate” psychologically from the rest of the cabinets to create a new focus, the primary purpose being to attract attention and, thereby, reduce the attention to the appliances. You could change the cabinet doors in the middle of replacing the front doors with rattan. One could also opt for a fence and come and paint the inside of a different color than the cabinets, always aiming to attract attention.

Cover-up: two for one!

The famous dilemma: how to hide these “white spots” while keeping your appliances accessible? You can cover the top of your devices with pine boards cut to size (depending on the size of appliances). Like the counter, they will serve as workspace. Thus, one stone two birds because in addition to camouflage the appliances, you can gain work surface. (Note: the boards are treated with a varnish to protect them.)


Caution! The boards must not be too thick because you have to move them to use your appliances. To avoid damage to electrical appliances, attach four small legs at the 4 corners of each board for better support.

Regarding the front of appliances, install two straight panels of fabric set from pine boards. To do this, go for self-adhesive Velcro strips. Finally, at the end of each panel, you can sew a wooden rod that will allow the fabric to stay straight. These panels can be used as decorative elements, but they can also have a more practical vocation. You can, for example, make, on the panels, pockets in which you insert wooden spoons or other small kitchen items. The same technique (fabric panels) will be used to hide the knobs. These panels will be installed under the kitchen cabinets.

Equipment used

# 2 shelves in pine (20×36)
# two studs
# 4 studs
# Poly shades a dye
# Velcro 2 1.50m
# 0.60m 2 straps of
# a golden hook
# two small rods frame
# a rod coffee 1/2”
# 1.50m beige fabric
# 3 wooden spoons L team Decorate your life