The comfort of the mattress today has nothing to do with the mattresses of yesteryear. The thickness of the mattress from 8 to 15 inches! So now we sleep in beds more cozy, more comfortable. The catch: the bedding manufacturers have not necessarily kept pace. Result: you end up with covers and comforters that do not completely hide the mattress. What to do? The solution is simple when it comes to a mattress double size or larger. Just buy a duvet a size larger than the size of the mattress purchased. (Ex: a large bag format (“Queen”) for a double mattress) But what about when the mattress is very large format (“King”), as is the case here? Here are three solutions: Tailor-made can make yourself, or using the services of a seamstress, a duvet cover fit the format of the bed to dress.


Obviously, that says to measure, said big-budget! This is clearly not the cheapest option. That said, it does allow ourselves to choose the fabric that best suits the style we want to give the decor. Adapt duvet Just buy a duvet cover of the same format as the mattress, and adapt. The goal is to add a “sweetener”, a strip of fabric arranged (either from sheets of the same collection, either by upgrading to a complementary fabric), which is all around the duvet cover (alongside and at the foot of the cover). Again, the most skilled in sewing can take charge themselves.

Otherwise, it is necessary to employ the talents of a seamstress. Thus, the blanket keeps the same size and cover “larger version” covers the exposed portion of the mattress. Dress quilt without even simpler, you can totally avoid the traditional duet “comforter and duvet cover” and move in a different direction. There are thrown on the market or beautiful blankets, with or without cause, whose style and size can be perfectly suitable for dressing a bed. If, at first glance, the option seems less “cozy”, some cushions, bolsters and pillows than enough to compensate for the lack of depth of cover. Also, we can complete the dressing by folding at the foot of the bed quilt that was originally too small to dress the entire mattress. An irresistible look! Whatever the solution, be aware that dressing, although it has a purely aesthetic function, can make the bed even more inviting, for nights full of beauty.