“First and foremost we would like to change painting, we love the shades of blue and gray, but we can not find the right color! Also, we want to do something with the huge mirror, without removing. we do not know if you can paste something. My desk is not to my taste. we do not have a large budget, so we do not know if we can do something without changing it completely! Thank you! Sophie ” your bathroom needs a little change for a makeover. I propose an exotic trip. To get there, just give it a theme with cute accessories and put a lot of heat.

we suggest adding two beautiful white wall shelves installed and secured to the wall where the large mirror that you keep. You may leave some nice towels rolled that will serve you every day and that will set the tone for the room. shelves Between the two, add two beautiful glass shelves. On the window wall and the adjacent portion that surrounds the bath, we suggest you put a beautiful mural that you take care to choose according to your taste and budget . we have selected two models, you could choose which one you like best.


This is to install the mural as it is a wallpaper, simply. This will give a nice depth to your bathroom and will highlight the theme, without increasing overall. we would see a beautiful curtain panel in the same colors as the wall, installed on a pole dark brown in your window. You can get it Bouclair at a reasonable price. Notice in the right corner of the bathroom, we installed a beautiful vase with bamboo and leaves to accentuate the exotic theme.Now for the counter, we suggest you change yours to a more stratified and current chic that would add elegance and charm to this white vanity.

Should, at that time, seek to make a kitchen counter-measure.On the wall facing your vanity, and right next to your bathroom, I suggest you install a beautiful setting in the accents of gray and green that you can buy in all good specialty stores. When coloring, simply paint the ceiling white and the woodwork, baseboards, and framing all the walls that could be painted a very pale warm gray to soften all the elements. It is very important to paint the walls with paint mildewcide.

With all these changes, you will not have to change your ceramic floor because she had a totally different look with the warmth and elegant this new part. You could play with any other color accent and replace the green of the proposal by a steel blue or any shade you like. The base of the furniture is white, this will allow you time to change the focus without the costs are too high. Pleasure and I wish you beautiful relaxing evenings in your new room!