I’m really running out of ideas. I would like to make a zen style room. I already bought the furniture, but I’m stuck for the rest of the decor. I want to get a textured wall (Wall Design style) at the headboard. In addition, I have a wardrobe problem that lack of storage and that is not practical at all. I also have a very large window dressing that cause me concern. In short, I really need help. I have many ideas in mind, but it seems like nothing works. Could you give me your ideas. Thank you very much. ”

Ms. Elijah

your project is interesting and different from the size of the window. It is not easy to dress up this type of window and most people are annoyed with this problem. The windows are part of a decoration and it is often useful to start the scene from a window dressing to create the atmosphere you want at home.


Window coverings

in your case it would be nice to install wood blinds and creating an ark of wood fixed to the triangular windows at the top. This would allow you to block the light and control the heat in summer and cold winter. The arches still must be tailored with the help of a template so that the manufacturer makes everything more easily.

The blind wood can sometimes lack of heat, but it is perfect in a zen and clean as you want. His masculine side gives good asset to the trendy look of the day. It should provide against a harmonious arrangement to balance his more masculine side, adding decorative drapery panels on poles. I suggest you buy already made ​​panels that cost less. Thus, you can save a bit on the total since your wood blinds will be more expensive. Here’s an interesting suggestion for you. Remember that the casing of the window is essential to decorate your room, to give you privacy, but also to make the look more warm and put the finishing touches to the decor.

Covering the walls

For covering walls, it would be very nice to work your wall with the headboard with a textured wallpaper, but rather plain. Natural fibers allow this wallpaper to your walls embrace nature, using materials and texture peaceful.

is not necessary to overload your walls with different textures, as this would take away beauty and simplicity. For staining of the room, I suggest you paint the ceiling beige chanterelle Sico and three oyster-colored walls of Sico. Your woodwork, doors, baseboards and casings could be colored cottonseed oil Sico. The decorative accessories are very important in your decor and they must be chosen carefully.

Dress the bed

for dressing your bed, you could add a duvet cover set with a light pattern. Here’s a suggestion that would give a touch of color and that would allow you to install red cushions, brown and beige.

Covering the ground

A beautiful rug liven decorate your room and offer you a little sweetness to get out of bed. The size of your rug should be chosen so that it is installed under the bed and she comes out to 1/3 of its width and the foot of the bed.


for your bedside tables, beautiful lamps you would read in the evening and bring a soft glow. The ceiling must be changed, and I recommend a new fan with palms wider. You told me to miss in your storage closet. There are several companies specializing in this type of storage of action that you would return all the space you have available, as needed. You will easily find several addresses on the Internet. I would advise you to see more than one to compare prices.That’s all my suggestions that I hope will please you and make your bedroom a room warm and contemporary.