The balcony is like a business card of our house, is one of the first elements visible from the outside. Let us take care of its aesthetics, enriching it with plants and flowers. The balcony as the rest of the house must be furnished, so we can place you also objects such as vases, sculptures and sofas. Pointing you to the best balcony plants.

First of all we need to understand where it is placed on our balcony (to the north or south), how many hours a day is kissed by the sun and how much space we have to position the plants. If the balcony is located in the south it is well to plant who need the warmth and light of the sun, not only if the balcony is concrete remember that the summer sun is accumulated and dispersed slowly into the night. could happen that although the balcony is located to the south, the sun face trouble to filter, because of the presence of artifacts or condominiums located just behind the same.

We can place the planters on the largest of the balcony, but also within the same plant. The best plants for a south-facing balcony are all aromatic plants, which are also excellent ornamental plants, such as thyme, chives, all plants that require little care and in the case of the thymus also develop tiny flowers of light purple. It also advisable to place the flowering plants such as lavender aroma wrap and festive colors, the carnations Turkish pastel colors who love the sun and do not require special care, small perennial daisies, geraniums French make many flowers and lasting long, the Rhodia roses is a succulent perennial, the heather which is also perennial, flowers reddish-purple color. Inside the balcony we can put some succulents like aloe vera and succulents of various kinds.


If the balcony is located in the north we can place inside plants such as ficus favorite, the robust ficus, yucca, all plants that do not like full sun. If we then create a booth and insulate from prying eyes our house, we can put the grates or fences with climbing plants such as jasmine and ivy. The flowers must have the festive colors and details that distinguish our balcony from all the others, the alder, the white daisies, cyclamen and lily of the valley. All the plants listed will die with cold and frost, but do not worry, many of these reborn to a new life without having to be re-planted or sown.