When in ancient times grandmothers kneaded the bread, the house was filled with all those smells so genuine recognizable by all. Nowadays we have not lost the love for this tradition but the olfactory busy life prevents mothers of the new millennium to have more time you can spend in the kitchen. That’s why the bread machines are so frequent: allow you to rediscover the pleasures of the past but with less hours. The characteristics that we must look to choose the best machine for the bread present on the market , are the watt motor, programs and levels of cooking . Obviously is a plus when a product is suitable for celiac or gluten. Prices range from 100 to 300 euro, there are good compromises on the market , just to know exactly the right product to suit your needs. In the following guide, you can then read what the best bread machines on the market.

The best bread machines

Among the best machines for the bread stands Moulinex Uno OW3101. Excellent relationship between quality and reasonable price. Unlike other similar products it presents three levels for cooking and thanks to the engine rather powerful (700 watts ) the appliance can also be used for other culinary experiments.

Although it is not much cheaper than other models on the market for bread machines, this product represents excellence. Ben 780 watt motor, five cooking levels and more than ten programs that can be modified to suit your needs. Of note is a similar model, the Kenwood BM350 that shows similar characteristics but at a lower price.

Among the best bread machines Aries 125 bread express metal is the proposal that the monetary point of view is the cheapest on the market. Despite its low price range still boasts more than 500 watts of power and can be used especially by those who wish to learn, after all, even dough they need the right equipment to undergo experiments.

This bread maker is the top for anyone who wants to make food without gluten . For this reason, a proposal is rather appealing, as well as having three levels regarding the baking of bread and especially it supports the capacity up to a maximum of 1.2 kg.

A range of excellent programs, are 20 proposals that can be used with this product, including many for celiac . Among the best machines for the bread this is the choice of many mothers , especially because in the package is also a recipe not just on bread but also sweet, always for celiac patients.