In this guide, I suggest you how to choose the best colors for the exterior of the house. They can vary greatly in intensity and style, giving a different look always to the house. To find the perfect one should be taken into consideration several factors, including the setting, the architecture, and of course personal taste .

If you do not want too daring and prefer to play it safe, the bright white or dirty will be ideal. These neutrals will do well in any style and can then be accented with any decor. In addition, the inclusion of a frame with ivory profiling of the external windows will reflect more light in and give you a feeling of freshness and cleanliness. Another very popular color is scorched earth. One of its lighter version will be preferable for blocks of small size. You might think in this case to a light brown, beige to ocher or that enrich any environment and instill a sense of peace and tranquility.


Yellow is cheerful and gives warmth and hospitality. Is commercially available in a wide range of shades, from pale to the more strong. It works well with white trim or light beige or you may be pleasantly contrasted with bright colors such as blue and lilac. Even the green lends itself to multiple plays of color, which gives a very different look with minimal effort. The muted tones are a versatile choice for homes in retro style, blending perfectly with the surrounding environment. The version is better to exploit forest or bottle for finishing or colonial villas. An original idea is to combine it with the red, but this combination works best when both are attenuated with a little bit of gray.

Blue is certainly bold, but it is wonderful if you can not find the right grade Again, it is good if it incorporates the gray to soften the effect. The combination of exterior paint blue fixtures with white is perfect for homes to the sea. The colors are best suited for dark accents to emphasize, rather than as a primary tone Black, dark green, deep blue and anthracite modernization shutters and doors on a light background However, if you choose to paint the whole house in that color, it is good to think about it very well, because the overall effect could be rather sinister and unwelcoming.

The architecture of a home certainly influences the choice of its coloration. Some styles old must be accompanied in vintage colors. The Liberty prefers white or pale pink, while the Victorian is comfortable with a more vibrant combination of tones that highlight the architectural contrasts. ‘S also very important to look at the surrounding environment. Whether it’s a secluded area of open countryside, mountain or city, try to carefully observe the predominant shades to choose the one that best suits her.