The decorations for Christmas make our home cozy atmosphere recreating the magic of the holidays, with lights and special scents. Here are some ideas to create the best DIY accessories to hang on to enrich the color of the rooms creating unique and personalized.

turning your own decorations Christmas is a way to give a personal touch to the house and have fun together. For creation of simple and striking will not need to purchase items, but just have taste and creativity. With the branches of fir or pine can create perfumed garlands to hang like garlands on railings and window sills, such as crowns or on doors and walls. Year we together with the branches of nylon hidden to give the right shape and then decorate attacking colored ribbons, pine cones and balls of gold. For an elegant touch sprinkles of snow spray on the ends and add some small LED lights. It will be the perfect decoration for the exterior, especially the front door.


The lights are one of the most pleasant Christmas decorations, Quandary can not miss even in our home. In addition to the LEDs, possibly with low energy consumption, we can prepare special lanterns also perfect for the garden. Take two containers of similar shape, one must be smaller than the other, for example of the vessels of glass. We fill the bottom of the larger container with water to circa 4-5 inches then put in the freezer. When the ice is formed insert the smaller container and fill with water within the space around it, we can also add berries and leaves, then put ourselves in the freezer. When the work is completed, we can take out containers and shape with the hole in the ice inside may contain one or more candles. We may use this lantern as a centerpiece for Christmas dinner and they will definitely affect.

The Christmas baubles and decorations that we already have in the house become monotonous year after year, so we try to reinvent them in a different way to make them contemporary and distinctive. The balls for the tree and colored diamonds can be placed in a bowl or in a long clear glass vase to be placed on shelves or on the table. Linking them together with wires we can create transparent garlands of bright, perfect for hanging is that as a centerpiece. We are careful to place the larger one hundred and smaller at the ends, we can also add the sprigs of spruce to complete.