When you decorate your home must also take into account the outward appearance of it, and what is the best way to make the home more attractive if you do not find the best materials to coat the roof, that evaluation; choose from even on the basis of to the place where you live: the stone for mountain homes, the classic tiles , or the materials and innovative technology.

If you have a house in the mountains in the Alps maybe the best choice can only be a roof covered with stone or stone slabs: basically slabs of gray stone, which can last for centuries, with the passage of time does not get ruined but but acquire value, creating over them a darker patina than the standard, which makes it more rustic, is resistant to frost, to heavy impact, shields the roof from sunlight and has a high aesthetic value.


If you want to stay on the classic you can always rely on expensive and old tiles , that there are many types: the tile of Greece a model with rustic shades ranging from red to gray and dark is rough to the touch, the tile of France which, with its delicate shape adapts to all Italian landscapes also has a color ranging from red to gray, but remains smooth to the touch, then we have the double Roman who has a more linear this is used in modern homes , but also in mountain houses seen that its graininess brakes the ship that is on it, the tegals is one that lends itself more to the homes of the modern type for its essential form, flat and also the fact that is black, then there is a big double tile with quite large mainly used for low slope, used in country houses for its simple form. These can also be complemented with photovoltaic panels inside them to produce electricity.

After that, there are metallic coatings that may be of sheet metal or copper in the form of tiles that are highly resistant to weathering, and resistance over time There are also ceramic coated granules which, thanks to the layer of bitumen below protects against ultraviolet rays, you can find different models for color and form.