The mattress is the most important element of the system of rest and should be done all they can to optimize it. Many people wonder what is the best mattress when they want to buy a new or sleeping wrong on what they already have. The key variables are the material and comfort. In this guide you will find all the details to be taken into account to determine what are the best mattresses.

The main factor to choose appropriately a good mattress is the material of which it is made. The best materials are natural: cotton, wool, natural latex. And there are three reasons why these materials make the best mattresses: they are the most effective at the time of absorb perspiration and regulate body temperature, then a factor of comfort quality and technical importance. In addition, natural materials do not accumulate static electricity as synthetic ones, a key element for your body and your mind will find a rest really refreshing, moreover, have good energy levels, far superior to those of synthetic materials. This means that you are charged instead of nonstarter energy, and the energy level when it gets out of bed directly affects the level of fitness throughout the day.


As for other types of mattresses, among them are those of high-density foam, memory foam or latex Synthetic although they may be comfortable, are charged with excessive static electricity, which affects the quality of sleep and prevents the body relax for complete. The spring mattresses then, are the worst of all. Should be avoided where possible. However are the cheapest in the market, therefore in many end up choosing them, but which contain the metal, which is conductive, tends to download our energy during the night. The latex mattresses are naturally a good option if you are not careful the fabric that covers them: the industrial manufacturers are accustomed to resort to synthetic fabrics that are losing much of the advantage of natural latex which one pays for itself. Be careful so the entire mattress is 100% natural.

Another factor to take into account when buying a new mattress is convenience: you can choose the one that you prefer in terms of hardness, provided that the spine remains straight when you’re lying. A good option in case of read pairs with different positions for sleep and weight is to combine a hard mattress with a medium one with adjustable blades, so that everyone can fix it at will.