If you’re planning a residential, commercial, or office move this year, you need to be prepared. While you may have had some success with moving independently before, professional movers can make a huge difference to your safety and security. There are lots of statistics that prove that moving can be a dangerous job, resulting in personal injury and damage to your most valuable property. By working with a reputable moving company, you can plan and execute the perfect move.

First off, do some preliminary research on the best movers in your area. There are many confidential reviews online of the best companies to work with. Take a look at their websites and see what services and rates they offer. Then get in touch with your top three companies and start asking questions about the fine details. Residential movers usually charge by the hour or by the weight. If you are travelling a great distance, the movers will take the truck to commercial scales to be weighed before and after the truck is loaded. Then, pricing is based upon the weight and the distance in which the goods are moved. Most companies use a sliding scale with larger, heavier loads at a slight reduction in unit cost.

Best Moving Company

Certain factors may also come into play for the price of your move. If movers have to transport your goods down several flights of steep stairs for instance, this could come at an expense. A reputable company will come to your home for a free assessment of your furniture and apartment layout. Together, you can start planning out your moving day so everyone can come fully prepared. Keep in mind that for consumer protection, there are several governmental organizations that regulate the mover industry. Make sure that your company is registered with the Better Business Bureau and comes highly recommended. Movers should alleviate your stress, not cause it to skyrocket.

The right moving company will make your residential move that much easier and efficient. They may even offer packing services ahead of time. A great packer can box up a kitchen in about two hours, wrapping each dish or item in paper and placing them into sectioned boxes. If you hate packing and are overwhelmed by your transition, this extra cost could save you a lot of trouble. They will also label all of your goods so you can easily find them at your final destination. Other companies will provide you with all the necessary supplies (think bubble wrap, heavy duty tape, boxes and labels), so you can do all the packing yourself. Insurance is also incredibly important so you are protected against the odds. In case injury or damage to the moving truck or your belongings does occur in the move, you will not be liable.

If you’re based in Toronto, consider Rent a Son moving company. This local organization offers a price-match guarantee and a free estimate. They have support for every step of the process, including professional packing services, temporary storage and furniture placement at your final destination. For all these reasons and more, you can see how hiring a great moving organization could make your next transition a smooth one. Instead of shouldering all the burdens of the moving process, leave it to the professionals. You deserve a stress-free moving experience. By hiring the right team, your next move can be an ideal one.