The main function of the refrigerator is to preserve the food longer, bringing it to a temperature lower than that of the environment. In this way the activity of bacteria and molds will be slowed considerably. In trade, however, are refrigerators with many options that make life easier every day at home. Below will be processed the key aspects in order to choose the best refrigerators on the market.

First, today we talk about ecology and energy saving, so the energy class of a refrigerator is very important to assess its overall value. The best refrigerators have a class energy at least equal to A. A refrigerator is complete if it has at a freezer compartment for which a good refrigerator must have two ports, one for the cell of the freezer and one for the refrigeration room normal. Normally, refrigerators with freezers on the bottom are better, this is because they are usually more spacious.

The best refrigerators are equipped with some functions particularly convenient, as the function of no frost, which drastically reduces the maintenance, because it does not form ice on the walls . With this feature, the refrigerator automatically melts the ice that can form on the walls. This function, although very useful, consumes more power.


A good refrigerator can also be seen from the small details, for example the very useful alarm doors open, ensure proper maintenance of food and a lower consumption, as it prevents the user to forget the door open.

A great refrigerator is provided with a motor for each cell of which it is composed. Thanks to this arrangement, it is easier to maintain the set temperatures in the individual cells.

The refrigerators higher end, are provided with a third cell independent, placed at a temperature close to freezing. This cell is indicated for the correct preservation of products such as fish or meat. This cell is named chiller.

The best refrigerator must be of the size that best fits us. A fridge too large, it has a higher purchase price and consumes more electricity, while one that is too small does not allow us to accommodate all spending and forces us to go several times to the grocery store.