Furnishing a home is an exciting phase as it is complex, since there are choices that require high time and consideration. Among these, there is definitely one of the pavement, because, in addition to having a structural essential function, must be strong, durable and aesthetically pleasing, in addition to having to adapt perfectly to the environment to which it is destined. The importance of these characteristics explains the growing demand, in recent years, of stoneware tiles, particularly those in ceramics which are considered the best.

The etymology of the word “tile” is to mean that the ceramic tile is very compact, hence the properties of the resistance that the surface of the tiles resisted war, caused by contact with certain materials such as the soles of footwear, but also furniture, chairs, trolleys and even the same activities with cleaning mops, brooms, washing powders in fact the stoneware tiles are able to withstand heavy loads without deforming and are unaffected when in contact with water and other chemicals. The strength and robustness make the tiles in stoneware particularly durable , another reason why they are preferred. The durability is therefore closely linked to the resistance which the measurement is made ​​in the laboratory and indicated with the index of the PEI ranging from 0 (for tiles less resistant ) to 5 (for tiles more resistant). Those low-resistance are not suitable for the use of the flooring and excellent instead for the walls, while the high strength can be used in all environments.


The choice of this type of flooring respond, finally, to the aesthetic criterion: there is indeed a wide range of colors, decorations and formats such as shifting the own choice. It should be noted, in this regard, the importance of the enamel which makes it possible declination different color variations and different modes of decorum . It is fair to say, however, that, in the places most subject to particular pressures and stress , such as shopping centers, are not recommended tiles with glaze. For all these reasons, in recent times the tile is even preferred to the infamous parquet which, as is well known, is instead very delicate and often difficult to keep clean.