Needless to say how important it is our home, a point of reference for our rest and our loved ones. Its construction, definition and furniture are essential to create a safe and comfortable environment , attentive to recent demands in terms of consumption of energy. For this purpose we need to understand what materials preferred in order to minimize the maintenance and the dissipation of heat . In this guide we will focus on the best types of frames .

Materials Regarding the materials we can choose between aluminum , aluminum and wood, PVC and PVC and wood. Aluminum is an excellent material for the fixtures: guarantees a good thermal insulation, which will save energy for heating or space cooling; reaches a good aesthetic result and, at the same time, is resistant to atmospheric agents, which It also means less spending in terms of maintenance. Among the aluminum systems can orient of those thermally or with the most recent thermal barrier polyamide . The thermal break system is designed in such a way as to interrupt the continuity of the metal through the inclusion of a material with low thermal conductivity. By this system there are variables improved, such as those which provide for the introduction of a polyamide barrier that promises to increase even more the thermal insulation.

The latter system guarantees the absence of infiltrations of water and also has the advantage of limiting the thickness of the casing, allowing an installation more practical. For those who prefer to maintain a link with the tradition you can opt for the frames in aluminum and wood. Aluminum exterior and interior wood in this way we have a combination of weather resistance and elegance of classic taste for the interior. Obviously these are also available in the most updated systems of thermal insulation. We come now to the PVC frames . This material provides a level of isolation even higher aluminum, so in terms of environmental sustainability might be preferable. One thing, however, which we must pay attention to is that there is no lead in the league, otherwise we canceled our efforts to reduce the environmental impact. PVC windows are also available with wooden interiors.


The types We can choose between windows or shutters, the difference lies only in the fact that the shutters guarantee us the possibility to have a system darkening already integrated in the frame and is thus possible to adjust the amount of light through the slats. The dark instead arise solely as drapes, most often consist of panels with vertical slats fixed. The type of frame on which we orient must meet a number of criteria dictated by our needs: if our house had a classic design we orient to medium size frames , perhaps with the interior wood with two doors and, if instead our house had a more contemporary style we may consider the frames much larger and maybe sliding. In the latter case it is necessary to carefully choose the type of glass that will be installed: we can choose, for example, to control systems will ensure that there solar selective isolation and protection from sunlight. Finally, if we want to give our house look a little ‘vintage, windows with arched frame would be the most suitable.

The cost to make an estimate of the costs that we would go to face we should take into account many variables: the quality of the material chosen, the care necessary for the maintenance, the ability to isolate environments, the choice of glass, the type of the fixture itself and his greatness. Of course, in order to have accurate figures you need a quote true and right, but we can still give you some solid point: the wood will cost certainly more expensive than aluminum or PVC window frames require very large glass with special properties, certainly, they are more expensive; fixtures that provide good insulation system will cost even more, but you have to consider those costs as a function of the energy savings they promise, and, with the passage of time, the higher cost will be recovered completely . At this point you just need to choose the type of frame that you like, hoping that this guide has been helpful.