Religious holidays, birthdays, mourning and prayers, candle history tells us about the fascination of fire, his joy of living but also contemplation.

It will illuminate the beautiful cities of thousands of light bulbs, flash light curtains and light halogen in every house, nothing will ever replace the magic of a flame on a table in a church, a temple, or placed in the hands of processional. If the light is made to light the flame brings a special atmosphere that isolates temporarily present moment in the course of time.

Candle, an archaism that defies history

Since the discovery of fire in prehistoric times, all mankind has used the flame to light and warm. A long history of fusion love which took place over thousands of years, without ever being “cool”. Responding to a real need, and universal primary fire, as well as air and water, is one of the elements essential to life, and for this reason, is surrounded in the History of a sacred aura. In its vertical movement and upward, men have ever seen in the flame of a symbolic link earth and sky, the gross to the subtle: the fire became more than an instrument of survival, but indeed a vehicle able to express the most subtle man, his thought and spirituality.

The discovery and widespread use of electricity could end the reign of the candle or candle. This was not the case since, if heating and lighting are perfectly accommodated technological progress, no glass bulb has never been able to make this upward movement, this vibrant light as with a life of its own. If the lamp illuminates the room, the candle, she illuminates only the face of the viewer, inserting it into an intimate relationship with her, and facilitating its relationship with the sacred in isolation from the rest the world.


The timeless magic of the candle

The twenty-first century, when the Jew’s hand lights a candle each day of the menorah, when the bridegroom installs the candlestick on the dinner table lovers, when the Indian woman lights the wick on the altar of the gods, when the birthday cake suddenly appears in the dark, this is the miracle of light that is repeated each time, each time showing a willingness to make a freeze frame, and connect to the present moment by giving a ” lighting “special. It is less illuminating a scene darken everything else, creating chiaroscuro necessary intensity of the moment. The resurgence of archaic memory where the fire symbolized life, now allows to be extracted from the banality of the world to access its “meta presence” in this world.

Offer or lighting a candle is never trivial

We agree, press a switch or lighting a candle comes from two radically different intentions. The first is a utilitarian gesture and unconscious, the second reveals a desire to create a mood, well-being, and to express some research, formulated or not spirituality. Light up a room is to project into the space to live, light a candle, it is clear the environment to focus on what is visible in the immediate vicinity of the flame, starting with yourself .

Similarly, offering candles to those we love is very revealing of the feeling that the door and the way we know them. It is not for nothing that in recent years, the candle is experiencing a resurgence of interest in all technical support wellness and meditation. Candles offer someone is to invite them to join you at the center of the small luminous halo of flame, is to make him understand how he too needed this well-being and the atmosphere of the spark plug. In welfare centers, the use of candle zen (perfume supplementing the table) during the massage is a way to impose this return to the client itself by putting “in condition” of the make it more responsive to treatment by removing parasites perceptions of the environment.

What type of spark plug to buy?

There are candles for all parties:

* Candles humorous;
* Floating candles;
* Scented candles;
* Candles design;
* Candles zen, japanese;
* Religious candles

Must find it for you or for others, candle in affinity between the personality, the same way we choose a bouquet of flowers. Each candle holder and his message resonates. Attention to artificial fragrances in very bad taste, which sometimes resemble more of air fresheners. It is better to choose a shape, a design, rather than scents that may inconvenience, an incense burner allows you to combine the beauty of the flame and most authentic scents. Enjoy the holiday season when the choice is multiplied by one hundred in all stores or on the Internet.For birthday cakes, there are candles that do not drip.