There are an infinite number of wreaths. They can produce with natural branches of fir and holly, dried fruit, shiny balls, sequins. You only have to look around to get a thousand and one ways to reinvent this classic holiday season. We offer you a simple way to create your own crown.

The necessary equipment

* Cardboard semi-rigid for the boss.
* Paper decorated with different textures and colors that fit together: paper scrap booking , wrapping paper, etc.
* The hot glue.
* Decorative accessories to choose from (pompoms, bells, ribbons, mini cane sugar, glitter, flowers, pine cones, branches).
* Cotton balls.
* A big ribbon or felt.
* scissors, a stapler.

Step 1

In the box, draw a rectangle whose length is twice the width (12 inches by 6 inches), then cut. Then draw 8 rectangles using this pattern. Ideally, you need two kinds of paper, but you could choose 4. It’s all about symmetry!


Step 2

* Fold a rectangle in length.
* Then fold the corners.
* Now fold in half.

Continue folding each rectangle in the same way. Once you’re done, you can begin the installation of the crown. Look at the photo below, and you will see that there are two slots in each rectangle folded.
Now you need to insert the two pins in the slots.Consider alternate your different papers. You should get a flat crown when your 8 rectangles are nested into each other. Add a hot spot of adhesive at the junction between all of the rectangles to secure the crown.

Step 3

Once everything is in place, it only remains to give volume to your crown by filling cotton balls (or paper) as follows: It only remains for you to finalize your work: add a big bow of ribbon or felt your crown staple a loop or a rope to the back so you can hang. If the paper you have chosen are united, it is also recommended to add some decorative accessories to give a little more life to your work. Here everything is allowed, let your imagination go.

It is finished!

It is of course possible to create mini-crowns you suspender in your tree (omitting the “padding”), or put onto plates as place card. Just keep the proportions of the rectangles. And for those who wonder, know that the tradition of the wreaths comes from Germany of the sixteenth century and represents, among other things, the cycle of life constantly renewed. It is a symbol that announces the perpetual succession of the seasons.