The white cream is lightly tinted. It is a fund that can let your imagination run depending on your mood. It is both relaxed and timeless, and can unite the rooms and standardize the whole house.

Quiet and refined

Color and stone beach, the cream comes from nature. It combines perfectly with the vast palette of natural colors like shades of ivory and beige. Thus, it is very elegant when used as a monochrome effect in a room in various shades, from palest to darkest.

Bright and Sober

To maintain the brightness of a room white walls overheating, do not hesitate to use the cream. Indeed, these walls will meet reheated and, when night came, the whole room was flooded with a beautiful golden light. In addition, its light color eyes and allowed to flow leverages the special character of a room.

Which combine

Whether chiaroscuro work the cream allows you to play with repetitive motifs, plain, stripes or a single ground. It is also a color that does not “grind” with light wood furniture and allows you to mix prints.
Finally, be majestic decor of red and / or pink because the essential quality of the cream is used as a basis for the most intense colors. This allows you to change depending on your decorating desires. Thus, you can easily replace the blankets, cushions, curtains or pictures to renew the colors (and decor) without excessive work.


What room?

This natural color suits virtually any room in the house, so that will provide a peaceful atmosphere. Living in a house containing the cream is feeling well rooted and well anchored. This color will create a quiet and friendly atmosphere.

* If you are afraid that your living room is too neutral, you can stimulate it with dark wood furniture.
* Its use is also great in a bedroom creates a serene and restful. By the same token, do not hesitate to associate with various white chiaroscuro and beige to dress the room.
* On the contrary, such a combination could use to decorate a lobby, for example, cream and off-white carpet because it is an area that hosts numerous visitors with shoes, sometimes muddy!


With the use of creams, there are two major difficulties you need to know to save. 1 º Evita simplicity . To do this, do not hesitate to play with contrasts. Indeed, if all your decor leans to the lighter tones, feel free to enhance the color of the ground to avoid the feeling of movement. 2nd Respect their tendency expressive. As for the grays, cream colors contain notes of yellow or pink . The accessories animated will agree perfectly with a cream must be elected, therefore, the same tone or complementary.